This one’s for you T-Mac. This one’s all for you.

(Is there a better way to describe the McGrady/Artest Rockets team this year? I think not.)

Well Tracy, now when they write your NBA tombstone, it cannot be said that you were the greatest choker in league history. You’ve finally made it out of the first round and I, for one, would like to be the first to congratulate you.

Without your passionate leadership, commitment to team goals and tremendous skills, the Rockets would never have been able to overcome this tiny bump in the road that has been prevalent since your arrival. This season, this series, vindicates those 12 long seasons of playoff misses, first round debacles and injuries. You value as a captain, a defensive juggernaut and a true communicator were the obvious reasons the Rockets were finally able to transcend this mental barrier and mambo their way into May.

Your courageous, turbulent decision to undergo necessary, career lenghtening surgery this Spring was the clarion call to a team at once thought rudderless, stationary and unmotivated. Without your magnificent offensive explosions and locker room communication, you used a Jedi mind trick to help this team come together, work smarter and achieve these lofty goals, of which you have never lost sight.

So today Tracy, as we look back on your long list of accomplishments, I am sure it will be widely pronounced around the league that you, and you alone, helped guide this team to the second round. And you should be proud. Here’s to you, brave T-Mac. Your destiny is complete!

Not any more T-Mac. Never, ever again.

Second Round Virgin Photo Credit: BBoke

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