Morning Bell – 3.04.2009

cc-sabathia-as-oliver-millerThings About the 8th Seed

Here’s what I realized last night.  Because of the economy, teams are going to doing everything they can to get in to the playoffs, because of the dolla dolla bills, y’all.  Ergo,  we have teams killing themselves just on the chance that they can have one home game, possibly against LeBron.  That’s SERIOUS cash flow, and it’s making for great basketball.   Sure, the economy kind of made things around the trade deadline sorta wack, but this is making up for it.

I think it’s safe to call Toronto out of the race, as they’re 5 and a half back.  Sorry, Melas.  Milwaukee, New Jersey, and Chicago are within one game of each other and Indiana and Charlotte are another game back.  The Bulls have Golden State at home before they face the Bucks in Chicago.  The Bucks play the Cavs in Cleveland before Friday’s big matchup.  Meanwhile, the Nets play Boston and Orlando this week.  I’m guessing, Friday’s winner has the eighth seed.  And since Milwaukee isn’t too great on the road, I’ll pick the Bulls.

Things About the New Jersey/Milwaukee Game

Brook Lopez is just an amazing, amazing human.  And he’s really good at basketball, scoring in double figures in all but 7 games during 2k9.  Plus he gave this interview last night:

·         Reporter: How does it feel to pass Kenyon Martin for most blocks by a New Jersey Nets rookie?

·         Brook Lopez: It’s cool, I guess.

·         Reporter: The only thing Brook Lopez can say, “it’s cool I guess.”

·         Brook Lopez: UH UH! Rad, fresh, whatever 90s catchphrase you want. (shakes head)


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