Ztl, goodbye electric cars: the decision is now final | There is no going back

Ztl, goodbye electric cars: the decision is now final |  There is no going back

The Ztl permit allows you to enter the restricted area by electric car, but not all electric cars are allowed to enter. The fields for the make and model of the vehicle are optional and omission is not a hindrance

Choose solutions sustainable mobility It allows you to reduce direct emissions, move around the city and beyond in a green and ecological way. In addition to environmental benefits L’electric car It guarantees many other advantages, inclFree entry inside the ZTL And the possibility to stand in the blue lines without paying in the various Italian cities.

Throughout Italy, many local administrations offerFree access to restricted traffic areas for those who drive an electric or hybrid vehiclea measure taken to encourage the transition towards sustainable urban mobility.

However, access rules in historic centers vary from city to city, despite numerous calls for harmonization of the rules at the national level. And Access is often not free at allBecause sometimes there are very specific limits.

As in many other cities too Florence electric vehicles can freely access the Ztl, subject to the inclusion of the vehicle’s license plate in the municipality’s “white list”. The procedure is simple: you just need to connect to the portal of the public company that manages mobility services in the Tuscan capital and submit it Online orderingBy entering vehicle data.

Ztl and electric cars. The ‘strange’ Florence affair

Anyone who owns an electric vehicle can freely access all areas affected by ZTL Florentine No tags needed. to Florence reachable ZTL mv electric and hybridbut the license plate connections for inclusion in the specification whitelist.

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When you make a file Online procedure To issue a Ztl permit authorizing you to enter the restricted area with an electric vehicle upon entering the make and model of the vehicle You can’t choose a Tesla Because the list provided on the site does not include the brand created by Elon Musk. Of course this makes you smile in the dedicated section Launch of the Ztl brand for electric cars There is no option to select a file Tesla.

Luckilyomission It does not harm the success of the request. The fields for the make and model of the vehicle are actually optional and You are still allowed to get permission. So don’t worry if you can’t enter your name Tesla Model 3 (or Polestar 2 or Cupra Born): For a Ztl label for the Municipality of Florence Only the license plate.

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