You can solve the cold problem in your home for around €10, and it will also save you money on your bill

You can solve the cold problem in your home for around €10, and it will also save you money on your bill

Are you looking for a way to solve the cold problem at home? Here’s a low-cost and highly effective solution that you can try right away.

Game of Thrones fans couldn’t wait to say, “Winter is coming,” ie. winter is coming. There is no doubt that this season is difficult to beat in terms of climatic comfort. We can run the heating all day, that’s true.

However, it is unfortunate that the geopolitical situation and energy cost are not “light” to deal with, on the contrary. When gas or electric bills arrive, prices are always high. That’s why he tried Save on heating becomes essential. But how do we do that? We need to find alternative solutions and succeed Better insulate your home She’s one of them.

Say goodbye to the spread of heat and cold in the home: the low-cost solution

when it comes to thermal insulation Inside the home, window and gas door replacement interventions immediately come to mind. Moreover, it is not very cheap, on the contrary! However, trying to prevent cold air from outside from entering the home is essential because the danger is that the heat from the radiators will dissipate quickly. there Faster and cheaper solution Therefore there is only one: I The excluded project.

How to solve the cold problem at home in an economical way (

You probably remember them in your grandparents’ homes or mountain homes. They were simple cloth snakes placed under the door to prevent any cold draft from sneaking in from there. Most likely, when you search in the basement or garage, you will still find it. Is it effective? Partially yes, but today, it is also clear Draft exceptions have evolved And on Amazon, you can find some with a very simple technique, but also very effective. It’s about to Trims to insert under the door Using a small cloth or silicone tube that stays on the inside and outside of the door. All of this without affecting the safety of closing the armored door at all, for example.

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In addition to these draft excluders, if you feel that a little cold air is also able to seep in through the windows, then there are some Adhesive seals are ideal for sticking To prevent air from sneaking into your home. The cost of these solutions? minimum. We’re talking about About 10 euros to save on the bill On the other hand, heating is clearly more important. Seeing is believing, don’t you think?

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