Germany makes fun of the United States and goes to the final

Germany makes fun of the United States and goes to the final

The Americans took a 2-0 lead and conceded a final equalizing goal in the 59th minute, before losing in the 67th minute with two goals from Tevels.

An uncertain, balanced and exciting World Cup semi-final in Tampere and Riga between the USA and Germany was decided only in extra time, resulting in a 4-3 victory for Germany, which thus reached an unexpected and historic level (it’s the first) since unification in the World Cup finals. World) v. Canada.

The USA got off to a very strong start, going 2-0 down in less than five minutes, thanks to Alex Tosh and Rocco Grimaldi. However, the German reaction was crippling and allowed Kreiss’ men to win back the score even before the break, thanks to Friedrich Tevels (in numerical superiority) and Maximilian Zuber.

The Germans also started the central period better, thanks to a few seconds of a double numerical advantage, but then the Americans grew and closed in on the new advantage with Grimaldi (the puck was stopped by a skate on the goal line by Niederberger) and then pulled ahead in the middle of the game through Michel Esimont.

The North Americans defended the lead well after that. However, Casey DeSmith had a really big scare six minutes into the 60th minute, as Jonas Müller hit the crossbar. However, Germans are certainly not the type to give up easily and so, after risking a Grimaldi counter-attack, they called Matthias Niederberger to the bench with 1’40” to go and were rewarded with a Marcel Noebbels goal twenty seconds later.

So we went on to overtime, as the USA became more and more dangerous, but Teveles, having stopped Desmith at the first opportunity, resolved the dispute with a fatal blow into the corner in the 68th minute. Thus, the Monaco forward gives the final against Canada (Sunday at 19.20) to his team and is sure that he will get The first medal in the World Championships from 1953 to today. For the United States, there will be instead, at 15.20 against Latvia, the Final Four for bronze from 2018 onwards.

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