The return of Alex Pelly and Manuel Portuzzo…

Big Brother Vip 2021: Episode 41 Preview & Live

Monday, February 14, on Valentine’s Day, Big Brother VIP 2021 With the forty-first episode. Tonight is an episode that you will not miss at all as announced Alfonso Signorini During the direct link from the studio during the day. One month before the final, this evening, one of the contenders will be leaving home for good. There is a TV Antonio Medogno, Gianluca Costantino and Big Bedi. According to polls on the Internet, the competitor most likely to be eliminated is Gianluca. Will he be the one to say goodbye to Cinecittà forever?

The important thing, then, will be the nominations. As of this evening, in fact, all competitors will be able to name the competitor they cannot feel. In fact, the immunities were permanently suspended. Even Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli won’t be able to come to the rescue. Who then will end up on TV?

VIP big brother Alex Bailey is back home

After creating dynamics despite leaving Big Brother Phip’s house two months ago, Alex Bailey, Tonight, he will return to the Cinecittà house to spend some days in the company of the two women who occupy his heart at the moment. The actor is expected to stay at home for about two weeks and will use the time the production has given him to explain the nature of his relationship with Soleil Sorge and with Delia Duran. In the last days, he sent an air message to the latter to make her understand that he considered her the only woman in his life.

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Delia, who learned of his comeback from screaming outside the house, has already admitted that he is not happy with Alex’s return and that Sully had the same reaction. What will the face to face meeting be like? Sulley Sorge, Alex Bailey and Delia Doran?

Big Brother’s VIP Valentine’s Day format: Manuel Bortuzzo’s surprise in Lulu and the love of Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro

On Valentine’s Day, episode 41 of Big Brother Vip 2021 will be dedicated to love. Three weeks later, he’ll be home Manuel Portozzo For a special surprise in Lulu’s friend for which I have preparedgreat gifts” As announced by Alfonso Signorini. On the day dedicated to love, to the Big Brother, one of the most beautiful couples that formed in the house of Cinecittà will return.

Today’s episode guests, in fact, will be Paolo Ciavaro and Clesia Incorvaia Who fell in love at home and will be parents in a few days. In fact, Clizia and her belly will be nine months old: the fruit of her love with Paolo Ciavarro can be born in moments.

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