Samantha de Grenier defends Alfonso Signorini

Samantha de Grenier defends Alfonso Signorini

The Neapolitan Sobret Samantha de Grenier defends the conductor of the eldest brother Vibe Alfonso Signorini after the statements made by the latter regarding the termination of pregnancy: “ DrThe right to freedom of expression must be respected as long as there is no incitement to hatred.”

Samantha de GrenierThe soubrette and former competitor of big brother vip, scramble Alfonso Signorini Among the accusations he received after the latter announced during the broadcast that he was against abortion. A statement that caused a real earthquake that many people distanced themselves from. first and foremost Endemol Shine Italy SpA. An Italian television production and distribution company that produces television formats including big brother vip And then enter through an official press release:

On yesterday’s episode of Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini expressed his opinion on an important and sensitive issue such as abortion, which is every woman’s right enshrined in our legal system. Respecting everyone’s opinions, as Endemol Shine Italy we express our personal attitude. In all societies and in all working groups, opinions can be different and Big Brother has always been distinguished by his concern for all developments in society and respect for civil rights.

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Alfonso Signorini He responded to the torrent of criticism he received with a tweet:

One of the civil rights I have always fought for is the respect and defense of freedom of thought. A principle that we defend, indeed I defend, with absolute firmness. Regardless of my work sets.

A short post, however, did not quell the controversy. So much so that, if he was in several VIPs, they decided to criticize the lyrics Alfonso, someone else decided to try to defend him as Samantha de Grenier:

Solidarity with Alfonso Signorini who in recent days has been severely attacked on social networks for expressing his opinion, and I say his opinion, about abortion. Now this can be shared or not, but it must be respected! Voluntary interruption of pregnancy is the right of every woman recognized by the law of our country and occupied with little effort, but this should not be used to attack the presenter or his program simply because he expressed his own idea. Freedom of expression is, in the modern world, a fundamental concept in liberal democracies… The right to freedom of expression must be respected as long as there is no incitement to hatred.

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