“both”, which leads to Mediaset

“both”, which leads to Mediaset

Blame Pierre Silvio Berlusconi Based on Alfonso Signorinthe. The Gf Vip new edition team is starting to take shape and after some name hangs that came from the CEO of Mediaset, there is perfect harmony with the composers and conductors on two. Obviously, in the next edition of the reality show there will be Brigitta and Benedicta Boccoli who, apparently, will be appreciated by both Mediaset and Endemol Shine Italy, the company that produces the show.

The terms of the agreement, according to rumors, will be excellent. Just a few days ago, Pierre Silvio had to take a “no” from Ornella Muti who judged the program too miserable and not worthy of a la, e.g. Funny words that sparked discussion.

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On the other hand, actress Claudia Gerini has a different opinion, as she actually asked Mediaset and Pierre Silvio Berlusconi for a period of reflection to make a decision. Jerini apparently did not want to be separated from her family for a long time, and in fact she thanked Pierre Silvio, however, asking him for some time. Not a slap in the face like a giver, but just an accurate assessment of the situation. We’ll see how it turns out.

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