Zaccheroni came home. Saki was the first to call him

Zaccheroni came home.  Saki was the first to call him

The former Milan coach who won the 1999 championship fell to his ground in February, hitting his head while trying to protect the dog he was holding in his arms.

Alberto Zaccheroni has left the Marconi Hospital in Cesenatico. The 70-year-old fell to his feet on February 10, suffering a serious head injury. At first he was transferred to Bufalini’s intensive care unit in Cesena, then underwent a month’s rehabilitation in Marconi. “I was lucky, both at Bufalini and at Marconi, to find exceptional staff. I thank everyone,” said Zak, who also explained the exact dynamics of the accident.

the facts

Zaccheroni was coming down the stairs at his home in Cesenatico with the dog in his arms. losing balance and then, in an effort to save the animal, the catastrophic fall with a horrific blow to the head. Fortunately, his wife Fulvia and his son Luca’s partner were at home. Rush to the emergency room, then hospitalization. In the past two months, many football personalities have kept in touch with the family and friends of the Milan coach who won the Italian league title in 1998-1999 to ensure his health. Among them are also Shevchenko and Agbonna. The first to whom he called, as soon as he got home, was Arigo Saki. Now Zack is in great shape and ready to resume his recent habits, such as his daily walks in his hometown of Cesenatico.

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