2023 Seventh Edition Seneca Prize: Philosophy as a Science for Living

2023 Seventh Edition Seneca Prize: Philosophy as a Science for Living

Preparations are underway for the 2023 seventh edition of the “Lucius Annaeus Seneca” International Academy Prize for Contemporary Literature, organized by the Academy of Arts and Philosophical Sciences – ASF – in Bari. Deadline for submission of works in competition: May 31, 2023 Gala Prize: October 4 in the stable hall of the Norman-Swabian castle of Sannicandro di Bari.

Now also known internationally for its many high-profile cultural activities, the Academy consists of intellectuals and professors from many universities and scholars from various backgrounds who share the ethical and aesthetic value of contemporary art and literature, which is manifested by the use of various creative materials. The alienation of knowledge and social and cultural participation, and the preference for the integration of expressive languages ​​of life and art.
The Academy is a non-profit organization – without public or private contributions – officially founded in 2021 with the aim of protecting and spreading culture on the national territory and in the world, kindling the love and worship of Italian civilization by spreading and promoting every form of expression in the scientific, literary, philosophical, musical, landscape and arts fields. visual.

To achieve its objectives, it includes schools, universities, libraries, clubs and cultural associations. publishes books and publications; It encourages studies, research, training and exchange by organizing cultural, artistic and scientific events, seminars, conferences, conferences, discussions, experiments, exhibitions, publications of literary, human and scientific writings, and activities aimed at increasing and expanding the spread of language and art.
It also encourages young people to embark on the path of development and innovation, and favors and supports, in particular, university students in drafting scientific degree theses, making available the professional competence of experts in the sector and awarding prizes and scholarships. Through various creative exits, knowledge and participation.


Purpose – The Prize aims to achieve the ambitious goal, through a virtual magnifying glass, of the relationship between literature and everyday events, with special reference to the human aspects, and to draw the attention and sensitivity of each author with regard to the events that disturb humanity.

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Because Seneca – «There is no knowledge, no matter how excellent and wholesome it may be, that would give me happiness if I learned it myself alone. If wisdom had been granted to me with this fetter, to keep it shut up in me, refusing to publish it, I would have rejected it.”
We are faced with a body of wisdom, drawn from Seneca Epistulae morales ad Lucilium (Book I, Epistle 6), a beacon illuminating the stage of daily life on which each man moves, called to play his part. Seneca’s wish, though formulated in the first person, is expressed in peremptory tone and seems clearly intended for all of humanity, highlighting a kind of moral altruism, a generosity that belonged to the lifestyle of the great philosopher born in Cordoba around 4 BC and died in Rome in 65. Wisdom, in fact, compared to knowledge, expresses intellectual, spiritual, and moral values ​​so vibrant, that the legacy which Seneca claims to want to share with his neighbor transcends the realization and comprehension of truths and elevates the transcendent faculties of every human being. Wisdom, therefore, is elevated to the rank of talent, a trait of spirit that nurtured both the life and the many activities of Seneca, without any doubt one of the most versatile men of culture of the imperial age.
That a figure of such stature was adopted by the Academy of Arts and Philosophical Sciences at Bari as a point of reference for a literary prize is not only idealistic intuition, but also meaningful acceptance of the set of values ​​ascribed to him.

Who is it for – Participation in the prize extends to all authors of any nationality who intend to compete with poems, short stories, plays, journal articles, published books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. For the Poetry and Fiction sections, college and high school students can participate for free.

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News and sponsors – For this seventh edition, Seneca, by virtue of the experience gained over the years, takes on a new dimension and proposes fundamental changes, encouraging a renewal that tends to solidify its image. Among the envisaged innovations are the creation of new departments and the appointment of new members of the committee. Each year the award records the participation of distinguished guests and competitors from all over Italy and abroad. It has established itself among the major international events thanks to the media coverage and the excellent organization put in place by a team of professionals.
Several important institutional bodies have confirmed their sponsorship in previous sessions: the European Parliament, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Senate of the Republic, the Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of Culture and the “Aldo Moro di Bari” University. , the University of Foggia, the Presidency of the Regional Council of Puglia, the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Bari and the Municipality of Sanicandro di Bari.

“Sections” – Eleven sections are expected, all of which have a free theme.
Adult category: (a) one poem. (b) a collection of poems (unpublished collection); (c) narration (story); (D) A short scene: a theatrical text. (f) a news article. (g) The published book of poetry. (H) A published book of fiction. (l) Non-fiction book publication. (s) External section: one poem.
Student category: Poetry (S) and (Qusay) (short story).
Furthermore, an Epistulae Morales Special Prize is expected: Essay on a Proposed Topic, a Philosophical Meditation on Seneca’s quote “Be a servant of knowledge, if you truly want to be free.”
All articles will be submitted anonymously for evaluation by the members of the committee appointed by the Academic Senate: more than thirty authoritative figures and advocates of the world of culture, information, and academic and university education.

Lifetime Achievement Awards – Three Lifetime Achievement Awards will also be awarded, since the first edition, to figures who have particularly distinguished themselves in the literary (Bronze Seneca), social (Auriga Award) and information (Minerva Award) fields. No honorary academics are expected to be appointed.

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Deadline and Submission of Papers – The deadline for submission of papers is May 31, 2023. Papers should be sent to the Award Secretariat at email [email protected]

Award Ceremony – Finally, the award ceremony will take place on October 14, 2023, in the prestigious venue of the stable hall of the Norman-Swabian castle of Sannicandro dei Bari. An opportunity to spread and enhance culture in the presence of well-known personalities from the world of entertainment, knowledge and local administrations.

For a consultation on the announcement and more details about the Seneca Prize, see the website www.accademia-asf.it

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