Lukaku’s goal was ruled out by an EKG on the ball

Lukaku’s goal was ruled out by an EKG on the ball

Two goals disallowed by technique Romelu Lukaku In the second half of the match that Belgium A surprising 1-0 loss to Slovakia In the first round of the fifth group Europeans. If in the first goal the striker who played for Roma last season was offside, as was detected by automatic offside, his position was completely regular in the second case, in the 41st minute of the second half. But the goal was not counted by the Turkish referee Umut Miller hand touch Analysts, who then provided the assist for the former Inter striker. While the match director was watching the images on the screen, a graph appeared on the screen at the bottom, similar to an electrocardiogram, which clearly changed when the Leipzig player actually intercepted the ball with his hand.

‘Going crazy’ chart: Obinda touched the ball with his hand

The response is provided by the sensors in the ball and graphed on the screen

Thus, Belgium is “paying” the price for the latest innovations in contemporary football, which took to the field for the first time in this European Championship. It’s about to soccer (German for “love of football”) The ball designed specifically for this tournament Adidas company In cooperation with kenexon. It is a ball equipped with about twenty motion sensors inside, powered by rechargeable batteries, which highlight any simple touch via a graph, specifically the corresponding electrocardiogram.

Technology helped referee Miller in his decision. The goal was not accepted and Slovakia coached it Francesco CalzonaHe achieved victory against all odds.

After touching Openda's hand, the graph returns flat

After touching Openda’s hand, the graph returns flat

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