Camporoso, the 2023 Martino Venuto Award goes to Giuseppe “Pepe” Ferri (photos and video) –

Camporoso, the 2023 Martino Venuto Award goes to Giuseppe “Pepe” Ferri (photos and video) –

the Martino Venuto Award 2023 He goes For Giuseppe “Pepe” Ferry. The handover ceremony took place in the afternoon in the meeting room of the J Falcone Multi-Purpose Center In Camporoso In the presence of the mayor david gibelli, From the Deputy Mayor Fulvia Raymundo And the advisor Christiana Seeley. Ferry spoke to the audience about his experiences in the golden age of rallying.

the sOr Martino Venuto And Dedicated to the unforgettable driver who was born in Camporoso in 1933. In 1979 he was European Touring Car Champion. In the same championship he finished third in 1975, fifth in 1977, and fourth in 1978. As team owner, in 1983 he won his first World Junior Championship in Group C, as well as the 1984 C2 world title, driving with Carlo Facetti, the team’s partner and driver, finished second in the 1990 IMSA Camel Lights Championship in the United States. “The award this year goes to Beppe Ferri because he competed in the golden years of rallying, both in Italy and abroad, in the style of a perfect gentleman of the time” – He says marco serpolini, One of the organizers.

And this year too, at the end The main prize is awarded to a non-professional driverDelivered Special professional awards and honors for young drivers Who stood out during the year in motorsport competitions. The ceremony was moderated by the well-known sports media personality Renato Ronco.

The occasion was attended by various figures from international motorsport, including Carlo Fasetti, Talented pilot, technician and engineer instructor Giorgio Sterano, Talented designer of sports and Formula 1 cars, engineer Vittorio Roberti, Long time assistant engineer Sergio Limon With whom he shared Lancia’s great rally victories. Moreover, Roberti presented his new book on… Lancia Rally 037 Which reveals the birth and development of this wonderful car. It was also submitted by Franz coming, the The new location of Scuderia delle Palme.

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There was also a rich woman View historic roads and race cars on display. Those present were able to admire Motorcycles and wasps Of historical importance, in addition to the wonderful cars, a Cars themed photo gallery.

The traditional autumn event aimed at all motorsport enthusiasts and collectors of historical vehicles in the Entimilio area and beyond has been organized before “Friends of Vintage Cars and Motorcycles” in Camporoso, In cooperation with Friends of Scuderia delle Palme.

But tomorrow a Collection of old cars and motorcycles Which will start from Piazza Mauro In Dolcekwa. From there, participants will continue on a peaceful sightseeing tour through the Borgo di Doria highlands. It will be an opportunity to learn about and admire the wonderful outback. At lunchtime, there will be a break to taste delicious Ligurian cuisine: participants and their historic vehicles will meet near the “U Gentile” restaurant in Dolceacqua. They will follow Awards.

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