March 21, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Young Spaniard demolishes Majoran and will face Djokovic! – OA Sport

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18.46: That’s it for now, thanks for joining us, on the evening of the last two days of the quarter-finals of the Master 1000 in Madrid. I wish you a good evening!

18.44: A strange game, not always amazing but Alcaraz has shown that he has reached a new dimension. In Flashes it was nearly unplayable for a major title contender. It is noteworthy that Alcaraz suffered an ankle injury at the beginning of the second set

18.43: We haven’t seen the best Nadal, maybe we haven’t seen even the best Alcaraz, but this could be a historic match, kind of delivered

3-6 The Caraz wins!!! It is the first victory of the young Spaniard over the Almajoran! Tomorrow he will face Djokovic in the semi-finals

40-30 amazing short ball of straight karaz. rendezvous point!

30-30 straight Alkaraz pass away

30-15 backhand from Alkaraz after a short risky ball

15-15 along the straight Alkaraz

15-0 Alcaraz’s straight-stop shot

3-5 This time the tape helps Nadal and cuts Alkaraz

40-30 rear cursor response comes

30-30 out front Nadal

30-15 forehand shot from Nadal Adwani

15-15 The reverse side of the Karaz line comes out

0-15 Nadal backhand goes away

2-5 tape helps Alcaraz and cuts Nadal.

15-40 The opposite of Alkaraz comes out

40-0 Nadal replied

30-0 backhand from Alcaraz. just awesome!

15-0 forehand Nadal on the net

2-4 awesome straight down Nadal’s streak trying!

40-0 killer backhand Nadal

30-0. ace nadal

15-0 comes Alcaraz’s answer

1-4 is very difficult exchange and Nadal is wrong! Right in the driveway and Alcaraz keeps the break ahead

40-30 Nadal’s answer comes out

30-30 along Nadal’s defensive forehands

15-30 along the straight Alkaraz

15-15 to get out of the reverse of Alkaraz

0-15 backhand from Alcaraz graduated

1-3 Cut off the Alcaraz service. On goal, a forehand for Nadal who gets very angry

0-40 Leave Reverse Rocket Alkaraz: Impervious!

0-30 opens Nadal’s field well but puts the accidental backhand on the net

0-15 backhand kick to Nadal on the net

1-2 Another invention of the karaz. Direct win and no breaks in the third group

40-30 Nadal’s back response disappears

30-30 The pedestrians in the caravan in a straight line along the line were wonderful and seemed doomed

15-30 Serious mistake Alcaraz after Nadal’s wrong shot. backhand on the net

15-15 Alcaraz win

0-15 Easy Alcaraz Beeline is online

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1-1 came Alcaraz’s answer

40-15 Alkaraz answer disappears

30-15 in the corridor cross opposite Alcaraz

15-15 in the network opposite Alkaraz

0-15 along Nadal’s straight line

0-1 Alkaraz keeps serving with the second message

40-15 Nadal’s forehand went out

15-30 Ace Alcaraz

15-15 service and direct to the caraz

0-15 straight from Nadal

Alcaraz responded with a backhand 6-1 and Nadal won the second set. We go to the third

40-0 Alcaraz’s forehand shot on the net

30-0 Alcaraz’s response fades

15-0 Alcaraz hit back on the net

Alcaraz’s forehand shot 5-1 on the net looks muddled

15-40 Alcaraz defense with a backhand on the net and he’s not brilliant after a small injury

15-30 Reverse demivolèe exits Alcaraz

15-15 Alkaraz shot in a straight extension

0-15 along the back of the karaz

4-1 comes Alcaraz’s answer

The match starts again

A spectator fell ill in the stands, stopping the match

40-15 forehand Nadal on the counterattack

30-15 on the net backhand from Alkaraz

15-15 along Nadal in a row

15-0 serve and straight Nadal

3-1 along the forehand by Alcaraz who played a game with a minor ankle injury

0-40 carat error

0-30 double cherry bean

0-15 along the straight Alcaraz

Alkarz resort to the intervention of a physiotherapist after a fall. Ankle bandage for young Spaniard

2-1 Alcaraz’s forehand kick went out and then fell but without consequences

40-15 Nadal passes after a nice short ball

30-15 backhand karaz on the net

15-15 Alcaraz error

0-15 backhand Nadal goes out

1-1 Nadal’s backhand went out and the Kars recovered from 0-40

Alcaraz advantage: Nadal’s answer disappears

40-40 Alcaraz forward shot reduced

30-40 serve and backhand Alcaraz

15-40 Alcaraz forward shot

0-40 direct karaz error

0-30 backhand to the cards on the net

0-15 Alcaraz error

1-0, Alcaraz responded with a back kick

Nadal’s advantage: Alcaraz’s answer comes

Parity: Nadal’s forehand hit goes out. Lots of mistakes for Mallorcan

Nadal’s advantage: Along the Caraz Lobe

40-40 Another sensational foul by Nadal who hits an easy forehand over the net

40-30 rear cursor response comes

30-30 in the lane opposite Alkaraz

15-30 Nadal shot on the net confused

15-15 Nadal misses the short ball and Alcaraz responds with a short ball

15-0 hit the front Alkeraz on the net

2-6 finishes the first set! Alcaraz dominated it 6-2 after a balanced start

40-0 Ace Alcaraz

30-0 Nadal’s response came out

15-0 Nadal’s long reply

2-5 straight line along the Alkaraz line is impressive!

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15-40 Alkaraz does what he wants! The answer to the straight line and width that Nadal can’t reach

Another amazing 15-30 hydration by Alkaraz who managed to hide the blow to the end

15-15 Alcaraz’s answer is online

0-15 winning karaz answer

2-4 high shot by Alcaraz on the counterattack

40-30 Alcaraz service

30-30 The Kars save two goals in the net and Nadal puts in the net a cross attempt

15-30 Exit from the straight Alkaraz

15-15 straight karaz short ball

0-15 in the straight lane along the karaz line

2-3 along the straight Alkaraz defense

Nadal’s advantage: Alcaraz’s frank answer in the aisle

40-40 The evangelist retaliates with a backhand crossed missile!

Amazing 40-30 straight from Nadal

30-30 Alcaraz court opens well and puts the short ball straight


15-15 Nadal’s forehand went out

15-0 Alcaraz long-back line on the net

1-3 Nadal’s answer in the aisle

40-15 forehand Nadal on the bar

15-30 Double Cherry Beans

30-0 Magic Alcaraz with a backhand after the short ball that pulled Nadal into the net

15-0 Ace Alcaraz

1-2 Alkaraz. Nadal’s attempt to pass was on the net, another break

Alcaraz advantage: Nadal double fault

Valence: in the corridor opposite Alkaraz

Alcaraz advantage: Nadal’s forehand on the net

Parity: Alcaraz rear lineup

Nadal’s advantage: backhand from Alcaraz

40-40 smash the kars

40-30 in the net opposite Alcaraz

30-30 Alcaraz error

15-30 along Nadal’s backhand

15-15 passersby from ro0vescio from Alcaraz

15-0 Alcars’ response vanished with a backhand

1-1 double Alcaraz and against Nadal’s break

Nadal advantage: After a short unsuccessful ball, Nadal finds a cross from a passerby

Valence: On the net, unlike Alkaraz

Alcaraz Feature: The Alcaraz Smash

40-40 Ice Alcaraz

30-40 Nadal foul

15-40 comes Nadal’s answer

0-40 straight Alkaraz braid

0-30 takes out defensive Alcaraz

0-15 in the opposite lane of Alcaraz

0-1 Alcaraz. straight karaz

30-40 forehand Nadal on the net

30-30 wrong evaluation on Alcaraz Loeb, Nadal. The ball is in the field

15-30 Behind the caraz comes out

15-15 straight along the Alkaraz line

15-0 along the backhand from Alcaraz

16.12: Athletes are ready to start the match. Nadal service

16.08: Warm-up. Soon the start of the match

16.04: Players on the field to warm up. A sunny day in Madrid

16.01: In the first quarter-final, Djokovic defeated Hurkashz in two sets

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15.57: The former two always smiled at Rafa, the first in Madrid a year ago, the second about fifty days ago in Indian Wells.

15.53: Alcaraz the following season won the Masters 1000 in Miami and the ATP 500 in Barcelona two weeks ago.

15.49: Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz have found themselves facing each other this season in a superb semi-final at Indian Wells just under two months ago and the win was Majorcan’s most experienced in three sets but also due to exhaustion, then Nadal succumbs to Taylor Fritz in the final.

15.46: It was the challenge that everyone had been waiting for and who risked not being contented due to the many problems Nadal faced yesterday before defeating Belgium’s Goffin in the third set tiebreak. On the other hand, Alkarz outperformed Britain’s Nouri in the round of 16 by three sets.

15.42: Good evening OA Sport friends and welcome to the live broadcast of the ATP Masters 1000 quarter-final match in Madrid between Rafael Nadal and Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz

Welcome to Live broadcast of the ATP Masters 1000 quarter-final match in Madrid between Rafael Nadal and Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz. It is the challenge that everyone has been waiting for and who risked not being contented due to the many problems Nadal faced yesterday before defeating Belgium’s Goffin at the end of the first half of the third set. On the other hand, Alkarz outperformed Britain’s Nouri in the round of 16 by three sets.

Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz have already faced each other this season in an impressive semi-final at Indian Wells soon. Less than two months ago, the victory was the most experienced Majorcan in three sets, but also due to fatigue, Nadal succumbed to Taylor Fritz in the final. Alcaraz then won the next Masters 1000 in Miami and the ATP 500 in Barcelona two weeks ago. It’s a match that defies any expectation and is set to put on a great show.

The second match is scheduled, not before 16.00 on the central stadium, after the match between Novak Djokovic and Hubert Hurkacz Expected at 14:00. Brought to you by OA Sport Live broadcast of the ATP Masters 1000 quarter-final match in Madrid between Rafael Nadal and Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz. Good fun!

Photo: La Presse