Young Francoist politician

Young Francoist politician

Alejandro Nolasco is a young Francoist politician. It is not well understood that it cannot be said absolutely naturally, with enough naturalness not to bother the person in question. The young Nolasco, of romantic spirit, is the author of several books, the last of which is entitled Los últimos cincuenta de la División Azul, which is presented as an exciting collection of powerful and unflinching military interviews, with the last fifty sections more or less surviving. Nolasco claims that for his writing he read “dozens of books” (dozens, but what a wonderful sacrifice) and wrote hundreds of letters and diaries requesting meetings and consultations with Spaniards who fought in Russia. It's an issue that has preoccupied Nolasco since he was a teenager. Finally, he was able to channel his patriotic anger into a book that is frankly – quite frankly – an example of late fascist literature.

Because for Nolasco's sake, the Spanish volunteer band – the Blue Division – that Franco sent to Europe to kill Russians on the orders of German Nazis is exactly what Francoism said it was: a shock force for the good of Europe, civilization and Christianity. The picture that Nolasco painted of Agustín Muñoz Grandes is that of a great general heroically leading his men to annihilate the Communists, because it was a crusade against atheism. In some of his statements, Nolasco undoubtedly praised various aspects of Franco's dictatorship, such as the fact that Franco lifted us out of poverty; It was unfortunate that he was forced to destroy the country first. The Vox party is certainly not made up entirely of nostalgic Francoists, but it is indeed difficult to find an anti-Francoist in its ranks.

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Refusal to immigrate

Nolasco Asensio was born in Pamplona in 1991, completed his high school studies in the United States and graduated in law and philosophy in Spain. He moved almost immediately to Teruel and opened his own buffet there. His friends claim that he worked between 12 and 14 hours a day, and to detox he would take his backpack and travel around Europe and America. He's not a newcomer to Vox. He joined in January 2019 and was elected councilor in that year's municipal elections. The big moment came last year, when the PP increased its votes significantly (from 16 to 28 seats) in the 2023 regional elections held in Aragon, but needed the Vox Party (whose number of MPs rose from 3 to 7) to get Absolute majority in Parliament. . In order to govern society, the conservatives gave up the presidency of Parliament and two ministries: Agriculture and Livestock on the one hand, and Population Displacement, Regional Development and Justice on the other hand, which were attached to the position of Vice President of the Executive Authority. Nolasco. After much chatter, the vice president's accomplishments are currently undiscoverable. But, surprisingly as it may seem, the Aragonese left did not devalue Nolasco because of his management or lack of management, but rather rejected what any progressive should do: deny any religious community support, congratulations or protection. From public authorities.

He mixed his critical rejection of Islam with the “urgent need” to resettle Aragon “with Aragonese, not with immigrants who arrived in Spain illegally.” That was enough to charge him with hate crimes. Thanks to the granite unity between the People's Party and Vox in the Regional Assembly, the rebuke presented by the entire left was unsuccessful.

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It's really funny. Nolasco's anti-immigration rhetoric has been Fox's rhetoric since its founding. It is a demagogic and populist rhetoric that stigmatizes immigrants, and often does so out of xenophobic, if not outright racist, attitudes. But the Aragon vice president's condemnation of Islam as a religion that encourages obtuse sectarianism, confuses political power with religious power, and propagates masculinity as a norm of behavior is entirely legitimate. Not only does the left lose elections and lose power, but even the extreme right takes down the flags that have always been its flags. They should look at it. Meanwhile, young Nolasco walks along the imperial roads toward the Lord who, as everyone knows, lives in Monegres.

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