May 29, 2023

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Macron corrects the shot in China, whistles in the Netherlands – the last hour

(by Paolo Levi) (ANSA) – Paris, April 11 – Rien ne va plus by Emmanuel Macron. Already contested on the home front over a pension reform currently being scrutinized by the Constitutional Council, the French president is now a target of criticism and protests on the international front as well. Where is French democracy? Some demonstrators shouted, interrupting the speech on the future of Europe that the Paris leader had just begun to deliver before the Nexus Instituut in The Hague, as part of his state visit to the Netherlands. The demonstrators denounced that “the climate agreement is not respected,” referring to the public consultation that Macron launched in France before the pandemic to collect proposals in the field of combating climate change. Then another criticism, this time regarding the pension reform that provides for raising the retirement age from 62 to 64: “No one is listening… You have millions of people on the streets…”. The demonstrators then raised a banner reading “The President of Violence and Hypocrisy” in English, before being expelled by Dutch security. When he was able to speak again, after about a minute of interruption, the president said in the fewest polls since the days of the yellow vests that having “a very important social debate. I can answer all the questions we discuss in France”. This is democracy, and democracy is exactly where we can demonstrate.” (Handle).

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