Ukraine and Biden: “There is a threat of the end of a nuclear world”

Ukraine and Biden: “There is a threat of the end of a nuclear world”

NEW YORK – “For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis We must face the threat of a nuclear apocalypseThe warning comes directly from President Biden There is no way to misunderstand. Speaking last night at an event to raise electoral funding for Democratic midterm candidates, the White House chief said not only that the risk of nuclear weapons being used exists, because the war in Ukraine is going badly for Putin, but that she is also struggling to understand what would be a satisfactory way out for the Russian adversary. , able to avoid direct collision.

Biden came last night to New York for a “fundraiser” at the home of James Murdoch, the son of Rupert Journal, who has distanced himself from his father due to controversies over policy chosen by the media. These are situations in which Joe allows himself to go to the most frank considerations, as he speaks to his supporters, as he did a few days ago when he raised the alarm about the future of democracy, citing the election result in Italy as one. of examples.

The president began his speech at 7:33 p.m., focusing on domestic issues such as the crisis of credibility for the ultra-conservative majority Supreme Court. But then he turned to foreign policy, saying that a historical game is being played on this earth as well: “For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, we have a threat of a nuclear weapon, if things really continue along the way.” Then he added: “We are trying to understand: what is the slope of Putin? Where does he find a way out, where he loses not only face, but also an important part of his strength? But Biden stressed that he’s spent a lot of time trying to keep NATO together, with encouraging results: “A lot of changes are happening.”

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The speech briefly went on to other domestic issues, but then the president returned to Putin: “We haven’t had to confront the perspective of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis. There is a man I know well. He’s not joking when he talks about the potential use of tactical, biological, or chemical nuclear weapons.” , because his army, as it were, is performing far less than expected. ” The problem is that if the Kremlin chief chooses to use nuclear weapons out of the corner, it will make the situation unresolvable: “I don’t think there is a capability to deploy a tactical nuclear weapon easily and not ultimately with Armageddon.” So the White House chief passed on at least part of the responsibility to his predecessor: “I didn’t realize how badly the previous administration of our foreign policy was.” It now remains to be seen whether Putin will suspend these comments as a sign of weakness, an encouragement to search for a “ramp way” that will allow them to find a way out, or a warning about the United States’ determination to respond with each envoy. His threat .. to cause the end of the world.

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