Telegram offers an unmissable opportunity: from now on everything changes, here's what you can do

Telegram offers an unmissable opportunity: from now on everything changes, here's what you can do

There's big news coming to Telegram, and finally there's an opportunity you can't miss. That's what guaranteed benefits are all about.

If on the one hand There is WhatsApp Which is still the leading brand when it comes to messaging platforms, and on the other hand, all these things must be taken into consideration Alternative facts Which continues to break records. Obviously one of these cable Which, due to its often unique features, is for many Best messaging service ever.

Telegram changes everything, here's what you can do –

Clearly, the time has not yet come for Pavel Durov's company To sit on their laurels. Rather, we have to put our feet on the accelerator and launch new tools that may soon become very useful to everyone. There is one opportunity in particular Which will be presented and cannot be missed. From now on everything will change, here's what to do and when. You don't have to miss it!

Telegram changes everything: here's what you can do

After a long wait, we finally arrived. Also on Telegram There is the possibility of transferring your basic account In your business profile. So you can enjoy plenty of business tools and features. of between it artificial intelligence chatbots, Very useful to manage everything intelligently.

Here's what you can do on Telegram, and now everything changes
Telegram offers business profiles with many additional add-ons –

These features are already available for free to Premium subscribers. While for classic accounts the price that must be paid is: €4.49 per month or €33.99 per year. To enable Telegram Business instantly, simply go to the app settings and then tap on the tab related to your professional profile. But what are the key innovations you can benefit from?

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Let's start from Detailed map With your location and information on how to get to the store, to be included in your profile. There is, too The home page will be editable, With stickers, pictures and texts. And then you can't forget quick resources, Any shortcuts to send predefined messages to users.

Beside welcome messages, Marks of absence, tags of chats, and creation of links within conversations. Finally, chatbots will be introduced, which will be integrated into the workflow to be available The AI ​​assistant is able to manage chats.

A decision made by Pavel Durov which is in line with the latest figures recorded by Telegram. Just a few months ago, they were reached Up to 5 million Premium subscribers. A more than positive result, which prompted the giant to move forward and also expand in the business sector.

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