Catalan Solidarity for Independence does not collect the necessary approvals to present itself in the 12-M

Catalan Solidarity for Independence does not collect the necessary approvals to present itself in the 12-M

The Catalan Solidarity for Independence (SI) movement will not be able to run in the elections The Catalans on May 12, after failing to obtain the necessary signatures for parties outside parliament. “National Executive of Solidarity for Independence, we announce that the endorsements collected for the candidacy in the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia They were 3543. Therefore, the nomination of the Solidarity Movement for Independence will not have representation in the upcoming elections,” the political movement announced on social media.

Despite the failure of the nomination, SI thanked all the people who supported them for their “trust” and informed them that they would proceed to “destroy the signatures collected.” Regarding their future, they stressed that they will focus their efforts on “In the ILP of the Declaration of Independence“It has been recognized by the Parliament Office, which the Spanish government is currently appealing to the Constitutional Court,” they added in the letter. They added in the letter: “We will continue to weave complicities to defend it and achieve independence.”

For his part, the Secretary-General of SI said. David Folch, emphasized that despite not collecting endorsements, “the message carried by SI is very valid and necessary.” In this context, he insisted that “the need for a political formation that calls for declaring independence from the first moment, via the transverse route through the unilateral route, exists,” with strong criticism directed “toward the remaining supporters of independence.” “Independence forces” due to the lack of resolution in their proposals. “We're proud we tried,” said Folch, who is already thinking about the future.We have to be better preparedStrengthening the party and providing it with a structure capable of collecting more signatures and delivering the message.”

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“The people who gave us their support showed us that we must continue and fight for our message to reach as many people as possible,” the Secretary-General of Solidarity International added, stressing that “time was an important factor” at that time. to Inability to add the necessary support To advance the electoral proposal. “For me, it is an honor and pride to work for SI and a duty to work for independence,” he concluded.

SI Nomination: Motivated by the fall of the ANC Civil List

The Catalan Solidarity Party decided to run in the Catalan elections after that Members of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) refused to participate in the elections. When the head of the entity, Dolores Filho, announced the results of the consultation on the civil list, the international organization announced that it would take a step forward and present itself.

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