Goodbye, my tears, Carlucci – Libero Quotidiano

Goodbye, my tears, Carlucci – Libero Quotidiano

A great party tinged with shades of sadness. Dancing with the stars It concludes its 17th edition, and it is certainly the most controversial, talked about, and riddled with controversies in its history. Millie Carlucci He thanked all the couples who made it to the final class and also those who were eliminated who are in the studio. away from Lorenzo Biagiarelli, juror friend Wild LucarelliThe reason is unknown, but the presenter’s embarrassment at a choice that seemed to many to be polemical revenge for all the criticism the jury received was evident.

Most obvious was Carlucci’s anguish over the touching tribute she wanted to pay to someone who was no longer there. After affectionately embracing the director, photographer and technicians of Landau, the landlady turned to the cameras: “An embrace for a family Alessandro Galafati, our sound engineer who sadly left us. Let’s all embrace our friends and co-workers together.” The misty eyes with tears made the audience realize how the world-dance I was deeply moved by this blacksmith, despite the very harsh words given to him occurring every day By Lucarelli on the eve of the final. “We are not a family“.

Affection, fortunately of another kind, even when he invites Millie on stage Gabriel Garco. The actor was one of the frontrunners, but he was held back by an injury that had already put a damper on his recent performances. He arrived with dancing partner Giada Linney, Garco sang the end to my offspring in issuance Tiziano Ferro. Masked applause.

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