“You don’t have to look for me anymore.”

He doesn’t have to look for me anymore“: The exciting choice of Manila Nazzaro, who moved everyone

Thursday evening episode of big brother vip It was rather difficult Manila Nazarote. Jevina has changed several opinions in the past month and is now able to get a clearer view of the game.

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Manila, however, is out destroyed of live and yes vent. big in my hand Makes a tough judgment on the former Miss Italyfriends Soleil rise And the Katia Ricciarelli They take advantage of that and sink the blow as well Alfonso Signorini He scolds Jivina coldly.

In short, Manila injury and take one sexy choice. “He doesn’t have to look for me anymoreComments in tearsbut let’s understand together what happened to GF Vip

“You don’t have to look for me anymore”: Manila Nazzaro’s sexy choice

Manila Nazarote has received hard blows during a loop big brother vip Thursday evening. The strongest attack he gets from the presenter Alfonso Signorini Who thinks that jevina not honest.

Manila Nazzaro is an exciting option
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already connected scolded Manila on how to deal with it big in my hand. Although during the week it seemed that the two had made peace, Nazzaro sent him toRemoval.

I did a gesture make you nervous also Katia Ricciarelli and Sully Sorgeat that time very close friends of the ex-lover Miss Italy.
The two catch the ball and are attacking Difficult In front of everyone.

Manila waits for the end of the episode and runs to the hall tears. Delia Duran He notices her and reaches out to console her.
It’s not fair to be blamed again for something that doesn’t exist. You have served and venerated everyone in this house.” He comments on the model and adds: “I admire him in Kabeer and I respect him as an artist, even in Katya, though You have to give weight to things.

Manila cries and starts one vent Complete from the just ended episode. “Katya and Sulli, did you hear what they said? I’ve been treating them for months. Everyone should be respected here.”

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Those words he said to me, They opened a hole in my heart‘Cause I’ve been really desperate in my life for my kids. He knows nothing about me, he just used a silly word for a mother who fought for her children. It was Sulli’s attack With no respect for methe first to disrespect anyone here.” sobs Nazaru expresses her thoughts.

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big It was really Difficult With Jevina who feels Broken heart in two. Manila tiring To meet everyone’s needs when so few people do with it.
Tired of strategies, break down in tears and take one sexy choice.

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There are people here who deserve to stay, not him. He said something bad and Katya didn’t even defend meI have done everything for herManila says and strikes:You don’t have to look for me anymoreI put up a wall. Big doesn’t know about us, he shoots sentences without knowing“.

Manila Nazzaro is an exciting option
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Manila Nazarote feel upset. In the past period, many people had turned their backs on her, especially those from whom she had never expected. This is exactly the reason why he took one sexy choice, but will he be able to be faithful to this decision? You will find out as soon as you continue to follow GF Vip

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