October 4, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Elisabetta Canalis Relaxation becomes more and more hot: transparent underwear

Elisabetta Canalis wanted to update her official Instagram profile with a new take on the hit it deserves. To remain speechless and, above all, breathless. The vision is true – pictures

Also on this occasion, he wanted to exaggerate and he did it in the best way. That is why we will never stop thanking her for the precious gift she gave us. A gift that received many “likes” and applauding comments from his fans who waited for nothing but a new masterpiece that could not go unnoticed at all. Like her completely sheer underwear.

Elisabetta Canales (Instagram screenshot)

Elisabetta Canales, increasingly fiery relaxation

The temperatures so high that bring our country to its knees and the heat that leaves us no comfort is not enough, and now we also lay the former fabric of ‘Striscia la Notizia’ with which we are delighted with its simply charming posts. This time, too, he did not miss a beat: his image too hot to be able to remain speechless and above all breathless. At this moment, he continues to enjoy the period of complete relaxation that is well deserved in that period Alghero. After a definitely tough day, it’s time to relax and lie on your bed. Just like the homeland of Sasari who impressed all her followers. Although the latter was having some trouble with his breathing as he no longer had any issues. The reason is very understandable and you will find out in a few lines. A little spoiler for what awaits you? You’ll come back to see a more gorgeous and charming body like last time. Over time it gets better and better, something really incredible.

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Elisabetta Canalis, transparent underwear: what a show – photo

Elisabetta Canales (Instagram screenshot)

And there she is, always in better shape than ever. Eyes closed, right hand on the hair and completely relaxed on the bed with legs crossed. a intimate For this Sexual, so far we have never seen. Just because it conveys that transparency that totally drives us crazy and freaked out. It wouldn’t be the first time ever, but on this occasion she has definitely outdone herself and done it in the best way possible. Simply by clapping, nothing else to add to be honest.