Eliminate Dancing with the Stars / Salvo Rego

Eliminate Dancing with the Stars / Salvo Rego

Here comes the final verdict for the sixth episode of Dancing with the Stars 2021 NS Bianca Gascoigne and Simone de Pasquale They are the officially disqualified contestants this evening. by 52% The audience saved Elvis Rigo for the second time in a row. Therefore, the showgirl adventure of Millie Carlucci’s show ends here, return permitting. Judgment, which sees that Elvis Rigo and Velvor are going forward against Bianca Gascoigne, which does not completely convince the jurors. “If we have to give a speech, Bianca is another class,” Zazzaroni says. Smith remains more neutral but confused: “I live for competition and one must arrive first and must not…”. (Agg. Jacopo D’Antuono)

Dancing with the Stars 2021: Bianca Gascoigne and Simone Di Pasquale

Bianca Gascoigne Simone de Pasquale Ready for stage magic Dancing with the Stars 2021 after youn track that has been growing until now. However, there was no shortage of difficulties for the girl who, though “buttery”, was certainly not fat, but had a body deformity She feels ugly and uncomfortable with her body. Who would have thought that Bianca is beautiful, blonde, blue eyes and has curves in the right place and yet she doesn’t love herself. In fact, she had declared in previous episodes that she didn’t have a good relationship with her body, and if the jury told her she was sexy she would laugh. When Simone Di Pasquale asks her to be a sensual at a dance, she has to pretend she is, because she doesn’t think she is, and the salutations of the jury are worthless. Even if a hundred people a day told her that she was beautiful, that she was fine, she would feel ugly, no matter what other people said about her, what mattered was how she felt inside her body. He consulted many doctors to solve his problem, which is mainly psychological, but every attempt was unsuccessful and he does not know whether in the future he will be able to recover from this disease. The contestant hopes that she will appreciate her body more the day she becomes a mother, so she will be more proud of her body, because she was able to give birth to a wonderful creature.

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Bianca’s disease He also put Simon in trouble who tried to reassure her by telling her that she only sees a distorted image of her own body, because what other people actually see is a beautiful, kind, witty girl. Although she considers herself fat, she is actually not. “Where do you see yourself fat?” Simone asked and Bianca started touching any part of her body. “You are ugly?” He continued chasing the dancer: But where? Everyone here says that you are beautiful, cute and sexy. Understood?”. Currently, Bianca would like to have a magic wand to change things and not feel uncomfortable anymore. Internally, he values ​​himself as a person, has a fun personality, and communicates well with others, but with his outward appearance there is always a struggle, even If he becomes skin and bone, he will always find something he doesn’t want. Be good. Her confession aroused many followers and words of support poured in for her. There are those who comfort her by sharing her own problems and those who wish her to recover soon. Little by little, Bianca wins people’s hearts, thanks Her laughter and her Italian macaroni voice.

Bianca Gascoigne and Simone de Pasquale, sensual tango

in an episode”Dancing with the StarsAired on Saturday 13th November, Bianca Gasconi She had to face the “special stage” as she danced a hi-hat with an umbrella in her hand Simone de Pasquale. The jury considered her best performance to win a bonus of 30 points. Despite this, he introduced a sensual tango on the track. The performance was a huge success and the jury gave it good marks. As the weeks go by, Bianca gains more confidence in herself, language remains her concern, but otherwise she is making great strides. Unfortunately, a girl can’t always appreciate her work, every time a jury tells her she’s sensitive, she lifts her nose and unfortunately doesn’t feel that way probably because she doesn’t have a good relationship with her body.

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The two made it to Episode 5 and tango was mandatoryAfter the dances of the previous episodes where Bianca showed that she can move her legs very well, with the sensuality of this last dance she confirmed that she is very feminine. Marioto praised her because given her personality it was easy to fall into the cliched, instead the tango was fluid and clean. In Episode VI, viewers are expecting something overwhelming. Simon created classical choreography, giving importance to the dance steps rather than the landscape factor. The performance of the couple is very minimal, and Bianca has the ability to do something different, she showed it by solo dance Charleston in the “Private Theater”, she did a choreography that surprised Simon himself. So why not dare something more beautiful and challenging.

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