Luigi wins. Maid of Michelle. Critics’ award goes to Sisi

Luigi wins.  Maid of Michelle.  Critics’ award goes to Sisi

Luigi Strangis wins the 2021/2022 Amici. The singer from Lamezia Terme beat the winner on the dance floor Michel Esposito on TV. In the’finale episode From the talent of Maria de Filippi, which unlike previous episodes was broadcast live and witnessed the dancer Serena on the third stage of the podium. to Sisi Critics Award.

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21 friends, the final record

01.00 Here ends the live broadcast of the Amici 21 Final. Thank you for joining us.

00.52 Maria runs the risk of slipping and taking off her shoes: “I’m making my look *da. A special tribute to the one who has accompanied me for 20 years, Piero, I wish and imagine that he is always with us with his thumbs up to say that all is well.”

00.50 The winner of the Amici 21 title is Luigi “Thank you to all my family because I am here thanks to them. Thank you all, Maria I have to thank you infinitely for what you have given me, and if today I am in good health, then this is a thank you”

00.49 Here we go, it’s time for the final judgement

00.45 The Oreo Prize – presented by a technical jury of 20 thousand euros in gold – goes to Alex. The Marl prize of €7,000 in gold goes to each finalist.

00.43 Radio Award giving a plaque to the piece considered the most dedicated radio by the major networks represented in the studio: Radio Zeta, RTL 102.5 with Federica Gentile, Radio 105 with Alessandro Sansone, RDS 100% big hits with Filippo Ferraro. The award goes to Luigi “Keep me tonight”, who is also a listener’s favourite

00.42 Tim award goes to Serena 30,000 euros worth of gold

00.40 Stop the TV

00.36 Another guest in the final was the champion Sophia Jogja

00.32 Last performance of Luigi and Michelle

00.01 Opening the TV broadcast of Alex vs Michel final challenge

00.00 Sisi receives the Critics’ Prize of 50 thousand euros

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23.54 All associated journalists, including LEGO, express their opinions on the six students

23.45 Now we’ll find out who the critics’ award will go to

23.41 The distinguished guest in the Amici Final 21, Alessandra Amoroso

23.38 Michelle wins the dance floor. The final match between Luigi and Michele. Maria says of Serena: “You are such a beautiful person, you have a lot of mind and this scholarship is really a lot of things”

23.37 cards.

23.35 Now Michelle goes to the center of the studio, for him a video message from Roberto Paul inviting Michel to dance in the September show “On Dance”

23.33 Surprise for Serena. On the video, the co-principal of Ailey School offers her a scholarship to study at their school for one year for free. Serena crying

23.28 TV is off. Advertising

23.19 Michelle and Serena’s last performance

23.17 opinion tour with the press regarding

23.09 Opens the dance circuit: Serena vs. Michelle

Buddy 21, Alex eliminated. The gentle greeting of Maria de Filippi: “You are a second mother, I admire you very much”

23.04 Luigi qualified for the final. Alex canceled “Thank you to everyone who supported me, I hope this is the path for everyone and that they can achieve what they want. Thank you Maria, you are a mother again, and I like you very much.”

22.58 Alex and Luigi in the middle of the stage, Maria: “Honestly whichever lost is a huge disappointment. I think both Lorella and Rudy are satisfied with you too because of the discipline and education you have.”

22.55 Among Alex’s fans there is Irma Mita who tweets for him

22.53 Alex and Luigi sing the last piece before knowing the winner in the singing category

22.42 Another round of singing. Greetings from the press, regarding, is above all Alex

22.35 Luigi sings “The Freestyle”

22.32 Alex begins with “Somebody to love”

22.31 Back to racing, the last song challenge between Alex and Luigi. Opens the TV dialogue

22.29 Video call also from Sabrina Ferilli showing a sign with the words “Ciao cornutella”. Maria: Did you call to arrest me? I am happy to see you”

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22.26 Surprising video call from Ultimo: “Francesco, you are making me have identity crises. Every now and then when I’m on Instagram in the first second I say “But where have you been here?” Then I remember him and say he’s a bastard.”

22.24 After Ultimo Cicchella imitated Achilles Lauro with a lot of underwear

22.18 The first guest is finally … in fact it is a very good imitator of Francesco Cecilla

Friends 21, eliminate Sisi. Maria de Filippi moved, “For me you are superior.”

22.03 Luigi continues. Sisi dismissed: “I can say that publicly, for me you are superior, I am sure you will continue. I’m glad you came here. I know you are a beautiful person and you will continue to do a lot,” says Maria

22.02 The first to pass is Alex, a delirious studio for him

22:00 CCTV cards

21.51 The same order of performances follows, first Sisi, then Alex and finally Luigi

21.50 TV dialogue reopens again for singers, two go forward

21.48 Albee is the first to be eliminated: “Thank you, Maria, you’ve improved me.” Anna Pettinelli running a hug

21.48 Alex passes between Allie and Alp.

21.47 The second pass is Luigi

21.46 Sisi passes immediately

21.44 The singers’ TV shuts down so we’ll find out the three talents that continue

21.42 Albee sings “Karma”

21.39 All singers release their own ring. Now it’s Luigi’s turn with “Keep me tonight.”

21.37 Also Unreleased for Alex with “We’re Not Alone”

21.34 The TV broadcast officially opens, and Sisi begins to sing the unreleased “Get down” song

21.29 Maria gives each student good luck and a compliment

21.26 “Tonight there will be only one winner – says Maria to the boys – but for me all six will win.” The lamp opens with the trophy that Julia, the latest Amici winner, brought to the center of the stage

21.25 Enter the six finalists: Albee, 22, singer-songwriter and musician Alex, 21, singer-songwriter and musician Luigi, 20, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Michelle, 22, dancer, Serena, 19, dancer and Sissy , 23 years old singer

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21.24 De Filippi thanks jurors Stach, Prince Emmanuel Filiberto and Stefano Di Martino

21.23 With Maria De Filippi in the studio we can officially start the Amici Final 21

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(Credits to the press office “Friends”)

The audience will decide from home through television the winner / winner of the Amici 21: from the mobile phone by sending a text message with the name / code of the competitor to the number 477.000.1; From the website (after registering Witty Tv); From the Mediaset Infinity app (after recording Mediaset); From the WittyTV app (after registering with WittyTv) and from enabled Smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Only one of them will be the absolute winner and will receive a prize of 150 thousand euros in gold.

During the evening the following will be awarded: a category prize of €50,000 in gold;

TIME Critics Award €50,000 worth of gold tokens awarded by a jury made up of music critics and entertainment journalists from major newspapers and the Internet.

For newspapers there will also be Leggo With: Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Il Messaggero, Il Giornale, Quotidiano Nazionale, Libero, Il Mattino, Il Secolo XIX, Il Tempo and more …

for press agencies Ansa, Adnkronos, and La Presse; For the web:,,,,,,,,,,, AllMusicItalia. He. She.

Tim Award Presented by a technical jury of 30 thousand euros in gold;

Radio Award Which gives a panel to the piece considered the most dedicated radio by the major networks represented in the studio by: Radio Zeta and RTL 102.5 with Federica Gentile, Radio 105 with Alessandro Sanson and RDS 100% big hits with Filippo Ferraro.

Oreo . Award Presented by a technical jury of 20 thousand euros in gold; and the Marley Prize worth 7,000 Euros of gold coins for each contestant.

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