“You can’t work like this”

GF Vip, Angry Alfonso Signorini chases Alex Bailey from the studio: “You can’t work that way.” For the first time the squad leader loses his temper and asks his authors to take in the actor who interfered during the episode despite promising to keep a low profile.

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It thundered so much that it rained. Thus we can define Alfonso Signorini blast against Alex Pelli During the live broadcast on Monday evening. The actor started the episode by saying that he wanted to escape from this “small theater” he had created, but that wasn’t the case.

Signorini repeatedly tried to keep calm by trying to tell him once and for all what happened under the sheets. Alex and Sun, the actor has always veered the discussion off course: “Alex, you’ll be a barker but I’m not an idiot – The conductor says firmly – If you tell me you don’t want to talk about it for privacy, I understand, and if you tell me nothing happened, I’m not there. What we understood was that something happened under the covers, out of respect we don’t talk about it. Delia had no style but she told the truth».

Sully doesn’t want to talk about this, but says Alex confessed to him under the covers that he loves her, which Alex also admits but in his own way:I’m glad Alex made it clear that I’ve always overlooked, and the fact that he and Delia still haven’t made a decision makes me think their love is different. Alex told me he loved me»

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Throughout the story, Alex keeps getting up and shutting down Signorini who spouts and chases Alex out of the studio: “I turn to my authors, get him out. You can’t work that way, He chose the line of silence and did nothing but interfere with my work. I refuse to work so you go somewhere else.

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