Explosive Truth – Libero Quotidiano

Explosive Truth – Libero Quotidiano

The end of the marriage – or assumed – between Belen Rodriguez And Stefano D Martin It became so in the summer. Although the two haven’t shown themselves together for several weeks and have made frequent mentions of a breakup, which has never been officially confirmed, there are those who are beginning to suspect that it was all a sensation.

I say that !.  Belén Rodriguez, The Fading Mother: High Tension in the Family |  look

Between pictures of deer suggesting alleged infidelity and shots of DiMartino without his wedding ring, lately there has been a lot of talk about Belén and Stefano. Albert give it On Oggi he gave his interpretation of this complex story: “It is a dense mystery about the status quo of the romantic relationship between Belén Rodriguez and Stefano Di Martino. If, on the one hand, she allows herself to be immortalized in hurtful situations with an entrepreneur from Brescia, on the other hand, her voice echoes on the media Social communication by triggering subliminal messages about the complexity of love.”

Stefano Di Martino cuckold Belen?

However, people close to them speak of a strong relationship – writes Dandolo – and suggest that it is a delicate and judicious relationship. strategy modes Implemented by the couple, it aims to raise prices for both the television and advertising market. In fact, we remember that Belen will not be at the helm of Tu si que vales in the next TV season and exit from Leiene and that De Martino is not confirmed as host in some Rai2 formats, a network the last in the year he was his symbolic face since he had 4 active programmes.

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