Letizia of Spain triumphs in lace over the mighty at the NATO lunch

Letizia of Spain triumphs in lace over the mighty at the NATO lunch

Letizia Spain He is serving a lunch for NATO powers on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Spain’s entry into NATO and on this occasion Rina wears a stunning lace look, Signed by Felipe Varela.

Letizia from Spain, Felipe Varela lace look

yet enchanted Light blue dress with polka dots After letting herself Look fuchsia with new rope shoesLetizia of Spain opts for a decidedly more classic and formal look. On the other hand, the state lunch in the royal palace requires it.

so as not to be mistaken, Letizia woman Recovering from his wardrobe ballerina costumeAs specified by the magazine Or not!, a pink powder, which he debuted in 2018. The Spanish designer is one of Reina’s favorites who almost always chooses her dress during most corporate engagements. Despite the arrival of her stylist, Eva Fernandez, Letizia has also opened her wardrobe to other brands, rarely turning to Varela.

In any case, when a touch of classic elegance is needed, Felipe’s wife chooses it. As in this case. Letizia wears a sleek and tousled bodice, which once again shows off her sculpted muscles and perfect tan, and the pleated midi skirt in Chantilly lacewhile the waist is enhanced by a thin built-in belt.

Letizia from Spain, details to be hidden

The look is very classic and feminine, without being too extravagant. Also thanks to some of the little style details that the queen wants that leaves her hair on the shoulders and doesn’t cover the shoulders. An option though Make her fall into a simple mistake which risked compromising her class. In fact, upon shaking hands with the guests, his bodice moved slightly, leaving a glimpse bra strap.

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Spanish Letizia, check your bra strap

Not surprisingly, when Rina debuted with this dress in 2018, she wore a pink jacket that makes the ensemble more smudged, and keeps it from awkward details. But this insignificant omission did not prevent Letizia from showing herself in all her glory and conquering her important guests with her innate charm.

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