2021 Africa Cup of Nations – Dead and injured outside an Olympic stadium during the Cameroon-Comoros match

Tragedy at the Olympic Stadium in Yaounde, Cameroon, where the valid match for the second round of the African Nations Cup between Cameroon and Comoros will be held. Cameroon won 2-1.

According to the first local reconstructions, in fact, this could have happened At least six dead and about forty injured outside the stadium Because of the turmoil that the police were unable to control.

Since the first news arrived, many fans who did not have a negative buffer certificate or valid ticket tried to break through the stadium gates to be able to enter and watch the match anyway.

African Nations Cup

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The crowd was pushed back and scattered, but in general, some people were trapped and crushed by the running flow, and were run over. All the first reports came through tam-tam social media networks, while no member of CAF or any representative of Cameroon provided official news on the matter. Only later, after the local government spokesperson confirmed, did an official position on CAF also arrive.

CAF . statement

The Confederation of African Football is aware of the incident at the Olympic Stadium […] He is currently assessing the situation and trying to get more details about what was leaked. We are in constant contact with the Cameroonian government and the local organizing committee. Last night, CAF President Dr Patrice Motsepe sent General Secretary Veron Mosengo-Omba to visit the injured in hospital.

And it seems that the number of victims is rising, because initially there were about 20 people and now the number has already doubled.

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