Yannick leads by one set, 6-2, 1-2

Yannick leads by one set, 6-2, 1-2

8.27pm – Grikspor requests intervention from a physiotherapist

Grikspor has foot problems and requires the intervention of a physiotherapist. Blister problem.

8.26pm – Grekspor lead 2-1 in the second set

Good start for Griegspoor in the second set: The Dutchman holds his first two serves and can compete with his head in this set.

8.15pm – Winner of the first set 6-2

Sinner ends the first set: 6-2 in 34 minutes. Yannick was partly in control, leading from the start and good at containing the one moment when Griekspoor tried to shuffle the cards.

8.03pm – Sinner eliminates 2 break points

A couple of unusual fouls from Sinner from the baseline, at 30-0. Then the winning return from Grekspoor touched the goal line, and the break point was canceled out for the Dutch with a winner from Yannick. But Griekspoor got another goal, thanks to a Sinner free with a backhand, but Jannik also canceled that out with a brilliant short ball. Then he finishes the match with a backhand pass, separating his hand.

7.56pm – Sinner's second break

Different ball weights between Sinner and Grexpoor: Blue runs away quickly. He holds another serve with ease, then gets another break in the fifth game with a brilliant cross-court forehand pass. Yannick leads 4-1 and serves, the first set practically in a safe zone.

7.49pm – Atham leads 2-1 in the first set

Like a sinful train in service: it carries 15 without worry. Then Griekspoor also holds serve and chases in the first set: Jannik leads 2-1 and serves.

First good from Griekspoor down 15-30, then a double fault brought Sinner up to 30-40: break point was canceled out with a serve winner, and at the second chance a backhand error from the Dutchman broke Yannick's serve. South Tyrol leads 1-0 in the first set.

The game has just started. GREXPOOR SERVICE.

7.35pm – Here are the players

The players took to the field: Soon we will start with the semi-final match between Jannik Sinner and Talon Griegspor.

7.16pm – Sinner is first in 2000 to reach 200 career victories

With his quarter-final win over Raonic, Sinner achieved his 200th career win on the ATP circuit. Among players born from 2000 onwards, Blue is the first to reach this milestone.

6.45pm – Comet: “I don’t think about the number 3.”

Sinner is not thinking about the possibility of becoming No. 3 in the world: “It is an important match to rediscover my level on the field. I know if I win we will advance, but I'm not thinking about that. I still have a lot of work to do. If I deserve it I will be number three otherwise I will stay number four. The most important thing is to believe it. Let's see how it goes, I'm very calm.”

6.10pm – Siner, winning the quarter-final with Raonic

(Marco Calabresi) For the 200th win of his ATP career, the 13th in a row, Jannik Sinner might have imagined differently. The victory resulting from the withdrawal of Milos Raonic in the third match of the second set takes the Italian towards the semi-finals of the ATP 500 in Rotterdam: on Saturday, at 7:30 p.m., there will be the challenge for the second Dutchman of the week. After Boutique van de Zandschulp, here is Talon Grikespoor (against whom the winning streak began), who made the man who is fourth in the world rankings until tomorrow suffer with a full set in the Davis quarter-finals.

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5.55pm – Sinner, takes the podium in the ATP rankings

The Red Baron is on a mission: to reach the final, rise to third place in the rankings like no Italian has done before, and then keep aiming upward. Djokovic is still far away, but Alcaraz is defending last year's success in Indian Wells, and Yannick is only 360 points away. Step by step with your head held high. This sin has no limits.

Raw 17:38 – You have preceded the wrong Greek path

Griekspoor, an opponent that causes fond memories for Sinner: with him in Malaga, in the quarter-finals of the Davis Cup, Jannik's streak of 13 victories began. The other precedent with the Dutch first dates back to last year in Rotterdam, again in the semi-finals, always with the South Tyrol team winning in two sets.

5.21pm – How can a sinner become number 3

road Yannick Siner Towards the rise Ranking of professional tennis players It seems to be getting lower and lower. If the hero of Sesto Pusteria He won the Rotterdam 500 and became No. 3 in the world. But the foot on the platform, at the expense Current Daniil Medvedev n. 3Janek can put it on even without the cup. In fact, the Russian withdrew from the 250 points race in Doha (where he won last year) and will therefore lose another 250 points next week, thus Sinner only needs to reach the final in Rotterdam to become No. 3 the following week, as of February 26.

Sinner-Griekspoor is the second semi-final of the ATP 500 tournament in Rotterdam: in the first match, the Australian De Minaur defeated the Bulgarian Dimitrov in two sets (6-4, 6-3). The match between Yannick and the Dutchman is scheduled to take place at 7:30 p.m.

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