Elkan shows us the way, and there is Thiago Motta with Chiesa and Vlahovic

Elkan shows us the way, and there is Thiago Motta with Chiesa and Vlahovic

It’s already time to move on at Juventus: Giuntoli has chosen a new coach, and there are likely to be difficult choices in the transfer market as well.

Feeling at home Juventus Immediately after the final whistle at the Stadio Olimpico, the tournament was closed for good. Allegri“If I leave, I will leave Juventus strong,” he, who will have time to take the stones out of his shoes towards the club, explained in several ways. Farewell is written, and there is also the Caliph: Thiago Motta. In the coming weeks we will continue advertising, with Giuntoli Who made his decision a long time ago. We will start again in the name of youth, as Elkan pointed out, but also… Vlahovic And Chiesa who, at least in words, shielded themselves in black and white. Allow the market.

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“We look to the future with optimism and hope. We have extraordinary young people,” said John Elkann on the Olympic lawn immediately after the ceremony: a clear signal. For the path taken by the Bianconeri in the new era. The reason was that he would not see Allegri (Elkann did not even mention him), who, after the anger on the pitch, even criticized the journalists in the Olimpico’s belly. “She hasn’t told the truth for a year and you all know it…” Harsh words for Coach Toscan that he reported Republic. But what would be the truth? This is what Juve has chosen for some time Not starting again with him on the bench.

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He will do so with Thiago Motta, who has been selected for some time: in attack, the Bologna prodigy coach must start from Vlahovic and churchThey are clear in repeating their will in front of the cameras. “Next year we aim to win everything.” The Serbian exit followed by the former Fiorentina player “The idea is to stay at Juventus and get revenge.” Here too we will have to deal with Giuntoli, the main man in the Juventus house. It will be up to him to determine all the strategies and make calculations on the market and You may choose to make some important sacrifices. While waiting for announcements, there is one certainty: The line for the future has already been drawn.

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