Good night with the transfer market

one of Friday 24 June It was another day of intense transfer market negotiations. leagueAnd the B . seriesas well as abroad: Here is all the news and news of the transfer market.



The Milan Study the shot zaish From Chelsea. There is already the player’s approval, an agreement must be found with the English club. Instead, the goal is not clear Putman to Milan. defender of night It actually closes with NewcastleThe club that won the transfer market with a duel with Rossoneri. Show 45 million (Including bonuses) Too high for the Rossoneri and he definitely convinced Lille. on me Rentato Sanchez Milan still believes in him, while contract renewal Maldini And the pleasure.

In the end, Alessio Romanoli at the suggestion of Fulham. The defender takes time: his intention is to wait for Milan. To understand whether Lazio, in the meantime, will try to restart.


The Chelsea Wants de LegitWanted soccer player Thomas Tuchel. Juventus do not want to let the player leave easily: they are thinking about ratings and technical counterparts. Suggest the blues Werner (who has already given the green light to move), the player who likes the Bianconeri, but there is still a distance between the two parties in the evaluation.



The Turin Looking for a goalkeeper for the next season. In the past few hours, grenades have been banned Gabrielthe protagonist with the goalkeeper Lychee Last season. However, the signing of the contract has not yet arrived and evaluations are underway, as well as new ideas. .’s new name Turin Who is this Bartholomew Dragosky, leave the Fiorentina. On the Polish there is competition fromEspanolWho has an agreement with the player (but not with the purple club). The Bomb Club will try to outdo the competition.

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Communication between contacts Grenade And the Salzburg for so letwhile a decisive impulse is necessary to close it Luis Henrique From Marseille.


L ‘Atalanta shoot Andrea Pinamonti. There is already an approval of the operation by the player, who prioritized the Bergamo club. Now we will try to find an agreement withInter.



in sermons EdersonThe Salerno And the Atalanta They found the deal for Matthew Lovato candid in the transaction. Ask the Campania club also okoliBut the players of Bergamo are waiting for the player to be carefully evaluated.


Verona deal with Kevin Strootman to the center of the field. The former Roma is a ball for sports director Marroccu, who already owned it at that time Genoa. There is also a midfield idea Bandinelli FromEmpoliWhile here Wanted in England: There Brighton on him.


the others

The Naples Getting closer and closer to the contract renewal agreement Alex Merritt.

The Sassuolo Advertise the sale of jeans Odgaard To AZ Alkmaar. The 1999 chapter moved directly to the Netherlands.

The spices It is close to Hajji WrightThe American striker who owns it SønderjyskE, Danish club.


B . series

Transfer Market Day in B . series It opens with the official farewell between Genoa And the Domenico Criscito, Next to the new adventure in Toronto. An eventful day at home ParmaToday, it was agreed to Contractual termination with Enzo Mariska. On the other hand, Brugam closes with Los Angeles Galaxy. Upon entering, the Emilian Club has formalized the arrival Simone Romanoli from Empoli.

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exchange of ideas between Cagliari And the Cosenza: these names Salvatore Boccia (Central Defender 2001) and 2002 Aldo Florenzi. Cosenza deals with arrival Christian Dorso. The Frosinonebehind marascontinue discussion related to sale blue sky to me Barrywhile the spal closed to from the walls subordinate Fiorentina. Spal who will have to give up the idea milk: The former Atalanta will be a player in St. Gallen. The Modena It is close to Simon PanadaTalented Atalanta midfielder. For the attack, the path leading to is complex Tailbut it brings up the idea David Diao, player owned by Monza. The Barry wants to take deputiesNegotiations are well underway, but there is still space.

foreign football

Today Friday 24th June Lorenzo Insigne arrived in TorontoReady to start his new adventure. Wayne Rooney While that, He announced his resignation as coach of the team Derby County. L ‘Ajax Finally, he formalized a contract renewal Stekelemburg Until 2023.

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