Barcelona and the threatening atmosphere against Premier League clubs

Barcelona and the threatening atmosphere against Premier League clubs

The bomb was dropped by the ABC early in the morning: «The inspectors appointed by the UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee to investigate the Negrera case have come to the conclusion that Barcelona should be banned for one season from European competitions». A news that took very little to go viral, also because of the known differences between the Blaugrana Club and the Blaugrana Club. Alexander SeverinThey’re notoriously bitter rivals on the Superleague front. And for this reason the revelation was probable, also because it is one of the three possible conclusions of the investigation launched to understand whether the Catalan Company had attempted to influence, in collaboration with the former second-in-command of the Spanish rulers, the outcome of your meetings.

UEFA risks

The other two are: a) not done, b) paused. However, in this second case, the European Football Association will take a great risk, exposing itself to an unprecedented request for compensation in the event that the Spanish judiciary decides to acquit Barcelona. Because of this, continental football’s highest body is unlikely to come to a conclusion in the short term. Unless the data collected by the inspectors is so clear that it leaves no doubt. And at this point, the ABC exclusive loses part of its credibility.

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