XIII Remake, PS5 review

XIII Remake, PS5 review

The XIII Remake review finally puts an end to one of the most problematic restorations in recent years, let’s find out the reasons.

History teaches us that I Recreates old video games Both good and evil can come. This version of XIII turned out poorly, indeed really bad: you will probably remember a little controversy regarding its publication, which took place in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In short, it was a real disaster, including graphical glitches, overlaps, original voice acting that recovered without any synchronization with the characters, and much more. Microids has apologized and also promised to fix it.

It seems time has proven his good will. At the time of writing, XIII will be trying Remake again, returning to the market in what we can define as a “remaster of the remake”. Almost every aspect has been reviewed, but not by the first development team, PlayMagic, rather than replaced by people from the French studio tower five. Needless to say, 2020 buyers will simply be able to download a magical update absolutely for free, to take advantage of status improvements, as well as an all-new online multiplayer mode.

The following is ours Revision XIII Remakeupdated to the new update available from September 13, 2022. We took up arms on PlayStation 5, on a frantic campaign in search of our memories and a very dangerous criminal organization.

XIII Remake on PlayStation 5: A Practically New Game

XIII Remake, now as before, very visually pleasing

Compared to the 2020 version, XIII Remake on PlayStation 5 is Practically a new game. It’s always the same title that had some success in the now distant 2003 on PlayStation 2, GameCube, and PC, but has been updated – from a graphical and technical point of view – until 2022. This time, fortunately, in a more than satisfactory way. All major and unfair loopholes resolved: think for example of the blonde lifeguard who saved the thirteenth in the first minutes of the game, whose eyes in 2020 were spinning freely in a very hideous way; or insignificant things that hindered the path of the protagonist; And again the disastrous recovery of dubbing, which was poorly synchronized with non-player characters. Fortunately, all of this is a distant memory.

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For more version PlayStation 5 From XIII Remake it offers 60fps, instead it was left out on all remaining consoles. Finally, the version does justice to the predecessor of the early 2000s, with a high resolution capable of reinforcing an artistic direction that relies heavily on the world of comics (there are many balloons and onomatopoeia, not just during films) that strives to bring the character completely into context Broader TB shading technique.

Of course, not everything is perfect: alternate a little Difficulty levels It seemed to us that the AI ​​was very aggressive in the “easy” mode and a little numb, instead, in the “hard”. Overall, however, the level of challenge still makes more sense than it was two years ago. Small minor graphical bugs can still be interfered with, especially on the inside, but we’re sure the fifth tower will return to the problem in the near future.

Introduction of Online multiplayer mode. On the other hand, everything that is offered for free can only please players; On the other hand, the XIII Remake was probably one of the few first-person shooters who didn’t need it. The entire experience is actually based on a plot meticulously designed to be enjoyed on its own: the multiplayer sector is nothing more than a filler, perhaps suggested to justify even the two years of work necessary to restore credibility to the entire process. It does what it has to do by itself, but finding other players is not easy, and the mode does not attempt to achieve some original or captivating inspiration.

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Play is still valid

XIII Remake offers a good number of firearms... and more
XIII Remake offers a good number of firearms… and more

XIII Remake, as of September 13, 2022 (onwards), shows gameplay that is still valid. From this point of view, the restoration made sense: in 2003, the title was satisfied thanks to a balanced combination of game system Completely satisfactory and well taken care of. Now that all technical issues have been resolved, the same can be said about the new version. Using scion shaders, which you may or may not like, production goes to great lengths to attract a newcomer, right from the start.

Part of the credit definitely goes to plot: Agent XIII wakes up with no memory, in America devastated by the assassination of President Sheridan. The man slowly discovers that he has been trained to survive all kinds of combat, and that he knows how to use available weapons and objects in a very effective and “creative” manner. It’s up to you to discover all the secrets associated with a mysterious military organization and the same role the Thirteenth played in the Sheridan assassination.

The story of XIII will likely keep you glued to the screen
The story of XIII will likely keep you glued to the screen

back to Play, the latter is based on overcoming a series of linear levels (XIII Remake is not an open world) that must be confronted and overcome using whatever strategy proves to be effective. Normally everything translates to using the first available firearms by doing a clean sweep of enemies, but sometimes there’s no shortage of more specific missions, where it’s decided not to kill certain targets or get to a certain location without being recognized by those present. These differences contribute to making XIII Remake as diverse as possible, even though it’s always a first-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on the main narrative. We’re pretty sure that some of the guns have been modified compared to the 2020 version, making their use (in terms of damage and recoil) more similar to that of 2003. And of course that’s an improvement, from the perspective of that – it’s called a gun.

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XIII Remake has had an unfortunate history, because last year’s disaster 2020 certainly can’t be easily canceled. However, you can trust the second restore, also developed by a different team of developers (the fifth tower, no longer PlayMagic). Finally, the adventures of the Thirteenth Agent are once again fun from almost all points of view; In addition, an online multiplayer mode (on all consoles) and 60fps support (on PlayStation 5 and PC) awaits you. It must also be said that although the situation in general is very different from that of two years ago thanks to the revolutionary update, some problems are still scattered here and there, on some levels and not others, and it is not clear why. But these are really minor issues and tolerable: Now XIII Remake is fun, at least on the topic of our session platform, PlayStation 5. We’re sure that once you try it, you’ll agree with us. Provided that the suggested price – forty euros is good – does not end up dissuading you.


  • Finally restored after the disaster of 2020
  • 60fps on PlayStation 5 (and PC)
  • Visually and combo still very valid


  • Dimensions and possibilities remain those of the early 2000s
  • Multiplayer mode doesn’t make much sense
  • Some loopholes that need to be fixed

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