Mercedes CLA – a taste of what it would be like

Mercedes CLA – a taste of what it would be like

new family – the Mercedes CLA conceptis much more than an exercise in style because it anticipates a large part of the contents that the German company will offer on its electrical appliances of the German company Luxury family entrywhich will include a total of four new models: CLA extension specially, CLA Shooting Break and SUVs Environmental Quality Authority And EQB extension.

new platform – There are many new features of Mercedes CLA concept, starting with the new MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture) platform, which features more advanced engines and a special cutting-edge software architecture called MB.OS. to’independence The announcement of this electric prototype is now out 750 km In the WLTP cycle, consumption is 12 kW/100 km. also “full” I am Very fast Thanks to its 800 volt construction it provides the possibility of using up to 250 kilowatts of recharging energy, which allows us in 15 minutes to restore useful energy for a travel of up to 400 km.

Rear wheel drive – The power of the new generation of electric motors mounted on Mercedes CLA concepta 110 kg unit comprising the engine, transmission and power electronics (called MB.EDU). 238 hp. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels through Two-speed gearbox. There is also a step forward in terms of batteries, both in terms of range and reduction of CO2 emissions. In fact, the company has designed two different types of batteries: the basic version with a lithium iron phosphate chemistry, and the top-of-the-range version with a silicon oxide anode.

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New operating system – No less important is the appearance of the new MBOS operating system, a natively connected chip-to-cloud architecture that controls all “domains” of a vehicle: infotainment, automated driving, body, drive and charging. Obviously, it also handles the new in-screen user interface that extends to full width, which is an evolution of what we currently find in EQS. In addition to Minimal dashboard technologythe Mercedes CLA concept It features extensive use of sustainable materials, and judicious use of dynamic LED ambient lighting.

new style – stylistically Mercedes CLA concept LikeElegant coupe sedan Four-door with a “shark-nose” fascia featuring a grille illuminated by dozens of LEDs. The headlights with a light design depicting the Mercedes star emblem are very distinctive. When viewed from the side, the slightly slanted glass roof flows back. The body’s streamlined design is enhanced by flush door handles and 21-inch wheels.

Utilities that cannot be missed – the Mercedes CLA concept It is then outfitted with a Level II semi-autonomous driving system that uses a LiDAR sensor and multiple cameras. In addition to active and passive safety, Mercedes has paid particular attention to the abandonment prevention device, which, through analysis of biometric data, can understand whether a child is in the passenger compartment and whether an adult is with them.

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