The southern front where this phase of the war can be determined –

The southern front where this phase of the war can be determined –

The legacy on the southern chessboard has political significance for the Kremlin. The Russian army waited for the attack and settled on the well-organized second row. Bloody battle, many tanks fell and were destroyed

In the north-eastern sector, the resistance is advancing, consolidates its successes in the Liman area, repels counter-attacks of invaders. the picture is different To the south, where it faces stiff opposition: This is confirmed by the meager news and stories of Western envoys. reportage The New York Times Kyiv Army Voices reports, They themselves describe the large number of victims without hesitationtanks destroyer e The usual reference to a lack of ammunition. This shortcoming, the latter, is in some ways surprising given that The Staff has prepared the shoulder So he should have had supplies. At the same time The attack is more expensiveWe expose ourselves, we take risks.

I’m always partial novels – It is difficult to obtain a reliable picture – to depict the temporary stages. Although it was known that The invaders are waiting to attack in the southern quarter. In fact, they preferred to settle in a well-organized second line consisting of trenches, well-protected positions, and the inevitable bomb and artillery fire. Zelensky’s army tried to dismantle it and bombarded the rear for several daysconcentrated deposits and Bridges to threaten logistics. However – if reconstructions from the field are reliable – The Russians showed great perseverance Which makes every inch of progress costly. Expert Tom Cooper, in his latest post, says the situation has been more or less the same for about two weeks.

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