WhatsApp changes its design on iOS and Android: News

WhatsApp changes its design on iOS and Android: News

WhatsApp has announced major updates to its messaging app, introducing a newer, more streamlined design, along with a new, deeper dark mode. Among the main innovations is a new color palette, chosen after evaluating more than 35 different colours. The new panel focuses on deeper color tones, designed to reduce eye strain in low-light conditions. Dark Mode, a feature highly appreciated by many users, is now darker to make messages easier to read. Another important change is the introduction of the native bottom navigation bar on Android, which is designed to help users quickly find what they are looking for.

The ribbon, which has already been available on iOS for some time, allows you to easily access chats, updates, communities, and calls. For iOS users, WhatsApp makes it easier to send photos and videos with a new attachment design. Instead of a full-screen menu, users will now see an expandable panel that allows them to clearly view options for sending media, polls, documents, and more. WhatsApp is also updating its icons with a new rounded, contoured style and updating the default background in chats, providing a more modern and attractive experience.

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