Where are you liar you are toxic

Where are you liar you are toxic

Mauro Icardi posts conversations with Wanda on social media: “You say you’re single, but you’re toxic level 1000.” Then the video call picture: “I love you.”

Three days after announcing their separation, they continued to discuss their relationship Wanda Nara And the Mauro Icardi. The marriage between the two has always lived a lot in the media and family events are often treated as situations that can be resolved in public without too many problems: a few hours after the announcement of the Argentine showgirl and entrepreneur, the ex-Inter. The captain showed a new side of their current relationship on social networks and posted private conversations he had with his ex-wife over the past few hours.

All in public, without filters. But after a few moments peace comes here. Where is the truth in all of this? But let’s go in order. Early afternoon striker Galatasaray Surprisingly, he posted three stories in which he tried to show that despite the announcement, Wanda Nara was still trying to connect with him. A situation that seemed irreversible until those stories disappeared and others appeared, most recently he saw the two on a video call.

“You’re celibate, or you say you are, but you’re toxic”he wrote Moreto By posting the first screenshot of a chat with Wanda on her Instagram profile. In another story a few moments later, he showed what I wrote to him: I asked the (ex) wife where she is and why she decided to go out instead of sleeping with the baby but the Galatasaray player replied that he didn’t. He owes an explanation of why you left him and pressed him Now do you also want to manage my life even when separated?

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Because you’re a married and single liar.” Wanda always replied on the same screen and Moreto replied in time, “We are the same!”. A story with very blurred outlines from many points of view.

In a threatening tone, Icardi’s daughters’ mother wrote menacingly and without hesitation: “Don’t you want to tell me? Well, worse for you”. Moreto replied: “How toxic you are!”.

The third story, which was later deleted, was not a conversation between them but showed the incoming call and was accompanied by an inscription Toxic level 1000. Everything is over? The date is now at the end of the credits? None of this.

Just 9 minutes after these messages, which seem to kill any hope of repairing the relationship, Mauro Icardi posted a photo of a video call and wrote “I love you, Toxi.”

Previous stories disappeared from the player’s profile and three brand new stories appeared, with this series finale closed.

The situation between the two is still very confused and the boundary between reality show and series is poorly understood, because both appear as actors in an already written play and simply have interpretable roles.

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