“My Daughter”: Trevignano’s vision begins again and now speaks with Jesus. But the ones listening are Gisela Cardia’s last followers

“My Daughter”: Trevignano’s vision begins again and now speaks with Jesus.  But the ones listening are Gisela Cardia’s last followers

“Rome has descended into the mire of sin. Pray that the enemies will not reach the Holy Door.” The last message of the visionary Trevignano Gisela Cardia It comes directly from the voice of Jesus.

The psychic, capable of multiplying gnocchi and pizza, introduced herself to her followers with her direct connection with the Madonna, who appears every third of the month in the sky above the land she owns.

Madonna Trevignano flying in the sky (by drone): the dreamer’s latest coup or the maneuver of her enemies against her?

By Marco Carta

But miracles in Trevignano are always around the corner. After the statue of the Virgin Mary was pulled into the sky by drone, which astonished his followers who gathered in Campo delle Rose last month, what is sparking discussion this time are the words of Jesus addressed to the visionary, a few days after the usual monthly gathering.

Jesus’ message, with an angry and compassionate tone, appeared last September 26 on the website of the Trevignano Society, an online reference point for Cardia’s followers. The vision is greeted with words of affection, “My daughter,” and then the self-proclaimed Jesus launches an attack against the Church, institutions, and humankind in general: “Man is obstinate and is bringing the world to ruin, led by the command of Satan.” They want to destroy Christianity. My heart bleeds because I feel a constant rage, The rulers no longer have the light of God. Many of the priests no longer feel the duty of their service. They have left me alone in the Tabernacle. They have diminished my Church as it is. “A refuge for sin, and impurity grows to an immeasurable extent.”

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The message revived the hopes of Cardia’s followers, who met yesterday afternoon, like every month, to attend the usual apparition of Our Lady.

“Children, war is near and it will break out without you knowing it.”

After months spent in the spotlight, this time there were only a few dozen people who came to Trevignano to witness the alleged miracle of the seer, who also stopped broadcasting live for three months.

The decision came last August after a decision by the State Council that imposed the removal of all illegal construction on the hill.

The Madonna di Trevignano Association tried to stop the demolition order by accusing the municipality of Trevignano of “blasphemy”. But in the end he had to surrender himself to the administrative judges. Most of the illegal artifacts were removed on July 17.

Gisela Cardia, the Council of State blames Santona di Trevignano. Away from statues and benches

The seer had ended up at the center of controversy after a complaint from one of the former believers. Luigi Avilawho felt cheated after donating about 130,000 euros to Madonna, so he decided to contact the police.

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