“Geni della Scienza” at the foot of your tree!

Because science is written in a handful of little hands. But also in the spirit of great geniuses, Futura is launching a new range of products that bear the image of some of this extraordinary spirit. An inspirational collection that can help you find great ideas for Christmas gifts.

This year, with the year-end celebrations approaching, Futura invites you to discover its new collection “Geniuses of Science”. T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and even bags feature some of the greatest minds of our time. N Leonardo Da Vinci per me Marie Curie Passing through Isaac Newton NS Heidi LamarThere is something for everyone. Great gift idea to blow for Santa.

Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest “Geniuses of Science”

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519). He was a painter, musician, and writer. In short, an artist at heart. But also an engineer, an anatomist, and plant world. Brilliant scientist Did you know we owe them an idea? the umbrella ? But also, apparently, a file bike which he painted for the first time in 1493.

Unusual personality. Which simply explains the liveliness of his mind in these few words included in the group articles “Geniuses of Science” : “Knowing how to listen means, in addition to what you have, brain others. “ A lesson in humility and undoubtedly a reflection on the festive season…

Isaac Newton “Genetics of Science”Whose feet were on the ground?

“I have seen farther than others because I have sat on the shoulders of giants” This is explained by the brilliant Isaac Newton (1642-1727). You can find a quotation for group products “Geniuses of Science” In the image of a person who significantly developed the theory of universal gravitation.

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With another, inspired by famous physicistWho is calling us? “Keep your feet on the ground.” Will any of these products end up at the end of the file? fir In a few weeks?

Marie Curie An “Geniuses of Science” who wasn’t afraid of anything

And in these sometimes difficult times, the group “Geniuses of Science” It also allows us to remember the note, O how enlightened! Enlightened Marie Curie (1859-1906): “In life we ​​fear nothing, everything must be understood.” A few words to emphasize a selfie that speaks of a person who has received at least two Nobel prize A small excuse: one in physics for his work on radioactivity, and the other in chemistry for his research Bologna And on the radio.

The perfect Christmas gift to inspire the next generation.

Heidi Lamar Che “Geniuses of Science” You will love to know about it

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000). Don’t you know her? However, she is another one of those women from his collection “Geniuses of Science” Irreplaceable. An exceptional session. From movie sets to inventing a way to encrypt broadcasts. The principle is still used today for positioning by satellite, for example, or in technologia Wi-Fi.

“I love people, but I realize that the more I give them, the less I receive and not the other way around.”This is Hedy Lamarr’s quote listed below her photo on the collection’s products “Geniuses of Science”. This Christmas, it’s up to all of us to lie…

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