Brenda Guzzoli, who is the daughter of Sarah de Vera / Inkanta on stage and her mother cries

Brenda GuzzoliBallerina’s Daughter Sarah de Viera, wins the challenge with Leonardo A Dancing with the Stars 2021 The turn passes to the joy of the mother. The teacher passionately follows the steps of his unusual little dancer, who with great determination and desire to show himself imposes himself in a special Dancing with the Stars on the road. “Leonardo is the essence of classical dance while Brenda Guzzoli is the dance technique and energy”, Explains Mili Carlucci before the verdict is revealed.

Brenda Guzzoli, Sarah de Faira’s daughter enchants in Dancing with the Stars 2021 on the road

Finally it is there Sarah Vera’s daughter to smash it. Despite the fierce competition, the young dancer managed to conquer everyone with her talent and passion. And when he finds out he’s passed the role of Dancing With the Stars on the road, he explodes with joy, happy hop to study. Cameras pass from Brenda Gozzoli to her mother, Sarah de Faira, who basks in joy and emotion in the stands. A standing ovation from the audience.

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