Words of Fire by Guillermo Mariotto

Words of Fire by Guillermo Mariotto

Marta Fluffy wasn’t around, for her the disqualification was unfair especially due to the stubborn judgment of Dancing with the Stars.

there Remake of Dancing with the Stars Do not spare any fluctuations for my viewers Rai 1. Marta Fluffy She was eliminated after a very short distance at a dance show Millie Carlucciand reveals to the announcer that he had a poisoned tooth with a judge who, according to him, would have acted as a real peasant.

Dancing with the Stars, Marta Fluffy is mad at him!

Sparks among competitors in the new edition of Dancing with the stars And the jury. Marta Fluffyafter a very short trip in Dance show Mille CarlucciIt was removed from the program and was very disappointed. L ‘Ex from Maurizio Costanzo He made no secret of his disappointment, in particular, with the judge’s stubborn behavior Guillermo Mariotto. talking with Carlucci During an interview conducted after his elimination, Marta focused on MariotoHe described him as a farmer.

“The day after going out is tiring. And the next day you’re sorry, but you’re even angrier because I didn’t find it right. I have it with Guillermo Mariotto […] He gave me a zero when I brought a dance to the end and said the only proper cost I got was the dress made by the tailor shop. Zero is something that bothers me because I worked on it anyway, I’m committed…here we’re all pros who have ever danced. – Italian TV Blog reports – Only for this reason, if someone gets involved and tries, you can’t give them a zero. Maybe two. three? But not zero! Zero is insulting as hell. I think Mariotto does it to get the attention of the media, from the cameras, but I find it incorrect, ugly. can i say? Even the peasants. Here, I find that Guillermo Mariotto is a peasant.”

Those words of fire Marta Fluffy Who concludes the protest against dance judgeaccusing him of wanting to be the center of attention in the studio. while, Selvaggia Lucarelli admitted who is her favorite dancer in the history of the show.

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