Millie Carlucci reveals her “forbidden” dream

Millie Carlucci reveals her “forbidden” dream

In October, Dancing With The Stars will return for its 17th edition. There is still no official word on which celebrities will be casting, but in an interview with Il Messaggero Millie Carlucci clarified some of the rumors, and also revealed that she aspires to have a newly married VIP couple among the contenders, or at least as guests.

There are still three months left until the return Dancing with the StarsStart Common On the upcoming contenders, there are already many and the names that have been questioned have been repeated for weeks now.

In an interview with Il Messaggero, Millie Carlucci I decided on a different explanation Rumors Who are chasing each other around the list of characters who will take to the dance floor at the dance show opinion One.

Not only that, the presenter also revealed that she desperately wants one on the show famous couple new from wedding.

Millie Carlucci: A special couple on the cast?

Interview by Il Messaggero these days, Millie Carlucci Explain that for the next edition of Dancing with the Stars He had his sights set on a newly married famous couple. It is located around Francesca Pascal And the Paula Torsi.

The host made it clear that she totally wants them on the show, if not on the cast, at least Guests in one night:

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If you think I’ll call Paola Tursi And the Francesca Pascal? Yes, of course. We’ve definitely thought about it. We also follow the news to make the right choices, of course.

Besides, I know very well Francescaalso because in the past I wanted to do things with her but it didn’t work out after that.

Now we just have to wait, they just got married. I’m sure I want them at least like Guests bet.

Who will be on the Dancing With the Stars team?

Millie Carlucci Dancing with the Stars

Millie Carlucci Also shedding light on who will be in the cast dance with stars. There is no specific news yet, but rumors have been circulating about six names for several weeks now: value added tax zanishiAnd the Eva RobinAnd the Martha fluffyAnd the Gabriel JarcoAnd the Nancy Brilli And the Nino D’Angelo.

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The presenter explained that some of them were already going to happen I called To participate in the Program, but without specifying who:

I’m just saying that some of them have been contacted, but you have to make groups with the masters, which is never an easy task. There is time to formalize. I can confirm that many would like to participate, and that pleases me: the program works great.

I can add that the dramatic structure, as well as the dance, is based on the important stories of the people in the competition, and they should all have meaning.

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