Hussein’s wedding to Jordan, Prince William makes a rude gesture against Kate Middleton – Il Tempo

Hussein’s wedding to Jordan, Prince William makes a rude gesture against Kate Middleton – Il Tempo

Jade Orcio

An impertinent gesture unworthy of a prince: William of England loses patience in public and Kate Middleton pays the price. A short video has surfaced on the internet of the eldest son of King Charles III and Lady Diana gesturing to his wife. The occasion is the royal wedding between Hussein al-Urduni and Rajawa al-Saif, which was celebrated on June 1 at Zahran Palace in Amman and was attended by more than 140 guests (including Matteo Renzi and his wife Agnesi).

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What happened? Upon reaching the palace, the new couple are greeted by the Princes of Wales but Kate talks to the bride for a bit longer than expected. The heir to the English throne waited for her for a few seconds, then grew impatient and indulged in a motion of impatience: he quickly moved his hands in the Italian manner, as if to urge his wife to end the chat and move on. And that’s not all: from other photos there seemed to be a certain tension between the Duchess of Cambridge, flawless in their appearance (charming Middleton in a powder pink dress with high arabesque embroidery and a high collar), but not at all smiling with each other. On the other hand, according to Tom Quinn, former employee of the Crown and author of Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, marriage between a future king and a future queen would not be. Just roses, there will be frequent arguments, even if it’s throw pillows, due to William’s short temper and somewhat volatile temper. Kate has been pacifying the father of her three children by actually treating him like a “fourth child”. With indulgence and patience. while he.

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