Have you seen the new Federer? Pictures will leave you speechless

Have you seen the new Federer?  Pictures will leave you speechless

Roger Federer may soon have an heir who at the age of six was already able to emulate and other great champions. video.

Almost a month ago, tennis received one of the best players ever, Present Federer, who decided to retire after twenty years of his career. His farewell was celebrated on Friday 23 September at the O2 Arena in London, on the occasion of the Laver Cup 2022, which saw him participate in his last match with fellow rival Rafa Nadal.

Roger Federer (ANSA Pictures)

The match did not go as they had hoped, but the event went as well as it could, with thousands of fans in the stands cheering loudly for the Swiss champion. The thunderous applause of the crowd was joined by friends, family, and opponents in attendance at the event, who have participated in the square all these years.

after every thing, Present He is one of the most beloved players of all time, both because of his personality and his immense talent. In short, it’s hard to see a hero like him again, but there are those who can get close, and in that sense the blows are really there despite only being a kid.

Federer’s Heir: The video says it all

Some time ago, it wasATP . roundthrough his profile Facebookshare a video That showed the talents of a junior tennis champion. Notably, despite being only 6 at the time, he was already showing off a one-handed backhand – one of the most popular hit songs in the world. Federer He is certainly notable for his style and efficacy, because, of the pictures, he put at least four pictures in a row.

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Not exactly the easiest thing to do for a child his age and over his racket. Furthermore, it is also worth emphasizing how easily he moves on the field to hit the ball in the correct position, and also highlights an above-average style for his age. So, taking the comment on the clip chosen by the social media manager for the ATP tour, “Stan Wawrinka, Roger Federer, Grigor Dimitrov & Co. you can be proud of“.

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