Rita Pavone torn. The heavy loss affected her deeply

Rita Pavone torn.  The heavy loss affected her deeply

Rita Pavone couldn’t do it, she just ripped the terrible loss out of it. For the singer, nothing will be the same as before, here are her condolences.

Rita Pavoni – Facebook

Who does not know champagne Rita Pavone? The artist is one of the queens of the music world, a revolutionary person who has made his energy his backbone on several occasions.

He really had an incredible career, his career Success I was Unexpected without a doubt Especially for his singles who became a real singer even after several years.

Even today she is very active in the entertainment world, we often see her as a guest on many radio shows and singing as she navigates around her studies like she is a twenty year old. In short, Rita Pavone is also a guarantee of 77 years old.

Heartbreaking farewell to a great friend

Rita Pavon's husband
Rita Pavoni – Facebook

Rita in life really has everything, success, love, respect, in 1962 she met Teddy Reno, the man she would marry 6 years later. This relationship was not “beloved”, he had a wife and son, Rita died as the current destroyer of the family, but in any case, the singer never caused this. gossip And he lived his life in the best way.

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Unfortunately, like most of his colleagues, he has lost a special friend, singer of the Ricchi e Poveri music group, Franco Gatti, who died days earlier at the age of 80. The loss particularly shocked Rita Pavone, who wanted to leave a tweet after the funeral: My pain and condolences on the death of Franco Gatti, the voice of the baritone in Riches and the poor. I noticed his absence at the Suzuki Arena, but I thought it was a personal choice. Angela and Angelo hugged again with joy but I didn’t ask any questions. Goodbye my friend. rest in peace “.

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No one expected Franco to lose in a few days, life was unfair with the singer, he was praised by millions and this is definitely a huge victory.

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