“Hot Cabins”. Payback battle

“Hot Cabins”.  Payback battle

When the Carnival Sunrise sailed to Grand Cayman, Jamaica in late July, the heat became unbearable. On board, passengers reported that their cabins became “dangerously hot” because the air conditioner had failed. In some cases, temperatures exceeded thirty degrees. Video of the cruise quickly went viral on social media, showing long lines of angry people waiting to speak to customer service and photos of cabin thermometers—which work out to $294 per person, per night—that appear quite heavy.

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One female passenger, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Insider that, shortly after returning to port, she called customer service and was told to email her concerns to the company’s address.

the answer? “We have to wait for a call within 45 days.” Weeks later, she received a credit for about half the cost of the two tickets to use on a future cruise, which she said left her “quite satisfied.” But not everyone is so lucky. Jacquelia Jones, who set sail on cruises with her 12-year-old son and other family members, told Insider she only received $160 in her account, for spending more than $2,000.


Insider reviewed her invoice and a message from Carnival Cruise Line indicating that 50% of her cruise fare had been refunded in credit to her online account. Despite being promised the same compensation as other passengers, Jones told Insider she has not received any further communication from the company. After complaining while on the ship, Jones added, she was told to call the company’s customer service phone number, but when she got home and called, she was told there was nothing the representative could do because she was already off the cruise.

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In addition to the air conditioning problem, Jones also said his room was not clean and the quality of the food had deteriorated since his last experience with the company. A Carnival Cruise Line representative told Insider in an emailed statement that the company is “sorry” to guests affected by the “overloaded air conditioning system,” adding that the initial coils that caused the initial air conditioning failure have been replaced. Finally, he added that the cabins are under constant monitoring.

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