Wired Next Fest in Florence

Wired Next Fest in Florence

One of the last Trends in technology It definitely is artificial intelligence. With the increasing spread of this technology on a large scale, attention has focused on the business sectors in which it operatesArtificial intelligence can replace humans. However, it is important to note this Future work It will require new skills, and among these, the ability to interact with artificial intelligence will be just one aspect of many. They will tell us about it Andrea Alemannohead of the main business unit of Ipsos e Luca TorreCEO of Stu Reggiane Spa, the company owned by the municipality of Reggio Emilia that deals with redevelopment, recovery and urban renewal.

Another trend that has been discussed a lot is Overtourism. The most famous cases are those of Venice and Amsterdam, two cities that decided to limit the flow of tourists. In general, this phenomenon is becoming increasingly discussed: too many tourists end up spoiling everyone’s holiday. katia kazzaniga, Director of Research at Ipsos, H marco pappalardo, Dolomiti Superski Marketing Manager will try to give us an overview of the complex situation.


During a discussion New rules linked to the stability agreement The EU’s Next Generation Plan is expected to fully reveal its effects, and concerns remain about a slowdown in the German economy. We’ll talk about it with Lucretia RaichlinAn economist and professor of economics at the London Business School, he is among the world’s most authoritative voices in the field of macroeconomics.

We continue with Paolo Di GiorgioCEO of Angelini Ventures which we’ll dive into Medical sector from Life scienceIt is a field in which innovation is one of the basic pillars of ensuring patient health. It will be an opportunity to explore how open innovation can contribute to building solid foundations in the field of life sciences, and encourage significant progress in the field of life sciences. Treatment and recovery from diseases.

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At the Wired Next Festival in Florence We’ll talk about it too War and disinformationEspecially regarding the recent conflicts affecting Ukraine and Palestine. To understand what is happening, two elements are needed: context, knowledge of the decades-long conflict, and the reality of the facts. Digital technologies can be a valid tool to help us with this. Giancarlo Fiorella Director of research and training at Bellingcat, the newspaper that codified the use of open source intelligence techniques (Osint) to expose fake news spread by totalitarian governments to manipulate public opinion (it was, in 2014, the first to show Russian responsibility in World War II). Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over the skies of Ukraine.

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