Children's toothpaste with or without fluoride?

Children's toothpaste with or without fluoride?

Should children's toothpaste contain fluoride?Saint Joseph Clinic

This is one of the questions often asked when consulting pediatric dentists. And this is it Oral health for children One of the topics that worries parents the most, knowing how they can help them maintain proper oral hygiene is essential so that the little ones at home can maintain good overall health and enjoy a good quality of life.

According to Dr. Laura Garcia, pediatric dentistAdvanced Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Medicine (IOMA) from Saint Joseph ClinicOne of the essential aspects to consider is the use toothpaste. Using a good toothpaste will be the key to good oral health. But which toothpaste should children use? What aspects should be considered when choosing one to be effective? Before buying a children's toothpaste, it is very important Review the label in detail The packaging to determine its characteristics and, above all, check whether it contains it Fluor Or not and in what percentage?

Pediatric dentist explains this fluoride “It is an excellent protector and a great ally against cavities, But if consumed in large quantities it can be harmful to the teeth while causing Fluorosis“A condition that destroys tooth enamel.” Specifically, Dra adds that this condition “can appear physically, in mild cases, with white spots or lines, and in more severe cases, brown spots or rough, porous areas.” Garcia

What is the recommended fluoride dose for children?

Toothpaste must contain fluoride in the correct dosage. doctor. Garcia explains that many studies show that “toothpastes containing less than 1,000 parts per million of fluoride are not effective in children and do not protect them from tooth decay” and that Specific recommendations vary by age:

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  • From the appearance of the first tooth until age 6, toothpaste should contain 1,000 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride. The amount we will use will be equivalent to a grain of rice.

  • From 6 years onwards, toothpaste should contain 1450 ppm fluoride and the amount should be the size of a pea.

Aside from the recommended dosage, it is also important for parents to review their children's oral hygiene habits and determine the dosage of the gel they put on the brush. It is recommended that you spit out the remaining toothpaste, but do not swallow water or other liquids.

It is very important to start paying attention to oral health from an early age

Adequate dental hygiene, postponing sugary foods, eating a healthy diet and minimizing the use of pacifiers are essential for good oral health.

doctor. According to the Spanish Society of Dentistry and Pediatrics, Laura Garcia advises: First visit to the pediatric dentist Around the first year of life, when the first baby tooth appears, to avoid future oral problems. And at this moment it is also advisable to start Brushedwith a small brush with soft bristles,” adds the IOMA pediatric dentist.

To maintain good oral health, it is also important for the little ones to follow it Healthy diet. According to Dr. Garcia, according to World Health Organization guidelines, children should not eat sugar before the age of two and should postpone eating sugary foods as much as possible. “Good hygiene habits, dental care, and reducing the intake of sweets will be necessary for Preventing diseases such as tooth decay, which is one of the most common diseases “This affects the teeth and can lead to their destruction.”

Finally, IOMA specialist is also suggested Reduce pacifier use And delete it between 18 months and two years as a subject of regular use. Although pacifiers are a good way to soothe and comfort babies, they can harm the growth and development of the oral cavity and teeth. Delaying their removal can lead to poor dental occlusion.

You can contact the Advanced Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Medicine (IOMA) of Clínica Sant Josep to request more information or request an appointment by calling 938759320.

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