Dinamo Sassari | Report Cards: Trier fights, steps back for Gombold

Dinamo Sassari |  Report Cards: Trier fights, steps back for Gombold

Heavy defeat for Dynamo Sassari, which lost 80-97 to Ludwigsburg at the PalaSerradimigni Stadium, in which the German team overturned its home advantage and complicated the Sassari team’s trip to the Bcl. With the Al Jazira team now having to at least overturn the goal difference with Szczecin to reach extra play. Below are our opinions about biancoblù.

Whittaker: 5. He is the player with the most eyes on him, not because he is the most dangerous but because everyone is talking about him because he still falls short of expectations. The pride he has shown on other occasions only arrives in the recent period when the discussions are now closed and find some loopholes to penetrate. For the rest, the situation has not changed since the match with Pistoia, as the agreement with Gombold at least seemed to have worked. This time the effort is complete and the missed pass on the return in the second quarter is proof of that, although in defense he at least tries to bend his legs when necessary. However, this does not seem to be enough, because it happens more than once that Buie and Graves pair up with him and punish him.

Tires: 5.5. He returns to the starting lineup and starts well, making good decisions offensively and with confidence from beyond the arc. He becomes almost the only one capable of consistently attacking the rim when it’s midnight for Sassari in the third period, but then Ludwigsburg adapts and often clashes with the instinct to do everything on his own. He finished the season with 18 points, but for their own good because many of them come from fixed positions where cooperation with teammates is poor.

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Charalambopoulos: 5.5. Combined with Tyree offensively, he comes across as someone you can ask for more of. However, he will need to be placed in a position for pain several times, especially when his feet are on the ground. In central neighbourhoods, when they are needed most, this situation rarely occurs. He tries to play his role in defense but often lacks energy against the opposition’s flanks.

McKinney: 5.5. Often he remains behind in defense, while in attack he shows his potential only when the field opens up or the opposing team delays the minimum in the attacking transition. Something that rarely happens though. The theme of his game until at least the third quarter, before finally showing in the final quarter a hint of pride that helps him both defensively and offensively.

Gombold: 5. His first rebound came midway through the third quarter. The data shows the overall difference compared to the first leg when he played against Edgin and Childs. The two older men retaliate by playing an energetic game that they instead struggle to pull off, without asserting themselves as the fearsome one in the area seen a few weeks ago.

Croslin: 5. It’s not Croatian season yet. You can see by his appearance and how he struggles to get into the game offensively. Few offloads, very few open shots, so legs turn even less in defense despite the intentions.

Trier: 6. Sacrifice race. He fights with his elbows, even if he comes out defeated several times in a confrontation at least he always tries to fight despite sometimes saving himself from an extra slip as Bucky told him in one of the last timeouts. However, he ended up becoming one of the best in Sassari, not because of his dual personality but because of his attitude. Although there are many improvements to be made.

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Type: 5.5. He is more short than tall as the whole team, but he has the advantage of taking on some responsibilities in attack with his character when there is still a match going on. It’s not much, but it’s still a captain’s signal.

Capability: 5. He failed to bring the pace Dinamo needed in the Central Quarterfinals. There is a lack of communication with his teammates in some defensive situations, especially in the second half, so he corrects himself or at least tries in the following periods. But this is not the evening for him, and that can also be seen from quite a few effects.

Raspino: Saint.

Pisano: Saint.

Coach Piero Pucci: 5.5. Every time-out is a call for more energy and decisiveness on defense. However, the message did not get through, and only with the zone finally in place does the team seem to be giving some positive signals. However, the stoppage minutes are almost the perfect example of an evening in which Sassari sometimes shows his worst side, as he looks exhausted and without those eyes needed to win the battle against a team that has arrived in Sardinia to seek revenge and impose its counter-dominance. The road in Bcl could have been steep, but the slope eventually increases its percentages. It will be up to the team to understand whether they want to get up on the pedals or not, before it’s too late.

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