“Fedez is sick and afraid of death” – Corriere.it

“Fedez is sick and afraid of death” – Corriere.it

it’s up to Fedez. Longest week in X factor – Vivid shouting and arguments, but above all, removal Morgan —, ending with the very heavy statements of rapper A News abstraction. “Morgan,” he said. Fedez to Valerio Staveli, who gave him the Golden Tapir – he was not sent away because of the “curse” on Umbra, or depression, or an argument with Dargen, or a prank by Ivan Graziani. Skye was forced to fire him due to some very serious behavior Which he was holding towards other people outside the live broadcast, but it was filmed by cameras.”

The media situation becomes like this battle, which implies that compared to what was seen on air, there is much more to it. Morgan (who until a certain moment yesterday evening seemed not to have lost his good mood since in the chat he had with several journalists for the launch of his new album he wrote: “Did they entrust Astromare to Umbra? That’s how someone knows”) has in recent days accused Fedez of being… Among those responsible for his departure, he reported details of one of his violent outbursts. But the rapper doesn’t fit. to”The allegations are so serious that I have already contacted Marco: If he doesn’t deny it, the only way the truth will come out is in the courtroom. I didn’t lay a finger on Morgan or even hit his dressing room. The truth is the opposite.”

Not only. Fidesz objected to the idea that he was the head of a “powerful clique capable of deciding everything independently.” X factorL. He denied this, saying: “I was told that Morgan would be one of the judges in April. I didn’t want him at that table. “For a variety of reasons, from the charges against him, which are very serious, to the unprofessional behavior he has displayed over the years.”

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And then the bombshell: “And also for the children The aggressive and violent attitudes he showed in past releases towards some of Sky’s employees. I was fired when I was 23 because of this.” A weighty accusation was made to make it clear that “I count nothing on Sky’s decisions.” He then recalled Morgan’s homophobic comments last summer, which jeopardized his return to talent. “But Sky made the decision “You made us look like we were complicit.” But no one asked us if we agreed…”

The finger that Fedez points at Skye becomes something more when he talks about “cleansing.” Here too, Skye did not share the statement with us… but the shovel came in our faces. Translated: “So far it seems that Licio Gelli Fedez, P2 Dargen, Ambra and Michielin have decided to keep him out.”

Then the statement: “Morgan was not fired because of the things seen in the video. Morgan was fired for things said off camera but not off camera, very serious and violent, which don’t concern meL. Another story, that Fedez (who will return to Rai on Sunday, A Sunday in, with a recorded interview) suggests asking senior management at Sky to tell you about it. Skye registered things other than what he said. Skye knew Morgan was like this and that it would end like this: she didn’t want to fire him, she had to because very serious things had happened.

But shortly afterwards, still chatting with reporters, Morgan lashed out at Fedez: “You’re a 33-year-old boy who only cares about money, because you don’t have any other interests. I’m the one who should report you.” And again: “Fedez is a boy, he says childish things. He is afraid of death because he has a serious illness. He is on the brink of the abyss because of a mood that has robbed him of his vitality. . I understand his weaknesses… I made them angry… because I made them feel ignorant, but I swear that wasn’t my intention. I always lowered the level of my input so that it would be as understandable as possible for them as well.”

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