Winners and Losers: Mid-2023 EV Sales

Winners and Losers: Mid-2023 EV Sales

Who wins and who loses in electric vehicle sales in the middle of the year: The market grows by 31.9%, but only equals 3.9% of all registrations.

Who wins and who loses: Tesla and MG4 are very good

In June they were recorded in Italy 6156 Full Electricity (+3% compared to June 2022), which resulted in 32684 Total unit for the semester. A figure that makes us rank last among the large European markets. We haven’t even got to a fleet yet 200 thousand EV (We’re 199,779, according to Motus-e) and the electric market is growing less than auto sales in general (+9.3% in June). What if there isn’t Tesla..Elon Musk brandBack off from 3 more record months) is definitely among the winners: he puts his car in the top two, both in the June and mid-year classifications. in the classroom Form Y and Form 3 They are placed in First and second placewith more than 8 thousand Cars sold, worth a quarter of the total electricity market. And among the winners there are definitely the Chinese MG 4which he sold in the middle of the year 1235 cars put in Fifth place: Not bad for a brand that disappeared from the radar long ago.

The Jeep Avenger entered the top ten best-selling electric vehicles at number seven.

500e, Volkswagen and Renault do not shine, as for the Jeep Avenger …

who lost? Well, this is definitely not a good result 500 efrom which it moved into a growing market 3580 to 2870 cars Sold per semester. and lose Volkswagenwhich fails to put any forms into a file top ten (Of the top ten there is only one car of the group, Audi Q4 in sharing 968). does not shine Renault groupwho accuses the Zoe backed off And in a market it once dominated, cars are only put in reserve positions. with the Twingo 6the Megan 7 and low cost Dacia spring sneaked into The tenth position. Among the novelties in June, getting into the top ten of Jeep Avenger In seventh place with 285 cars Sold. But it is too early to understand whether these are signs of real success. What’s also amazing is the fact that in Italy, the only market in Europe, they continue to sell More electrified hybrid than electric Also: the first classes of the semester have arrived 39,753, nearly 7 thousand more vehicles than electric vehicles. While the decline in car sales continues methane: A in 6 months with a stake 0.1%.

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